Friday, August 14, 2009

Daily Dudes.


Christian Canterbury said...

Straight guys that get fucked on gay porn sites like Randy Blue (The first pic above) are a topic of endless fascination to me. Are they REALLY able to separate their best buddy plowing them on camera as just a "job".
There are so MANY gay to pay guys now. Are we really living in a society now where who you fuck or get fucked by doesn't dictate your sexuality? Amazing...and sad...and kinda hot.

Randsome7 said...

I need the super ripped guy in the white ripped lycra to rip into my ass like the dude is ripping into Resse Rideout's ripped open ass hole

gavin said...

#2 looks like a Machofucker pic.

Damn, I love that site!

Dear Christian,

Gay-for-pay guys have ALWAYS been a huge part of gay porn. Jeff Stryker, Ryan Idol, Ken Ryker, Mike Branson, Jason Adonis — half of the biggest stars were straight-oriented and only had relationships with females in their private lives.

There used to be a lot more straight-for-pay, gay models in STRAIGHT porn before AIDS, too. Watch the Jack Wrangler documentary. Eastern Europe's porn industry uses models interchangeably between gay and straight videos, even today.

Society is still mostly intolerant of bisexuality, and not willing to believe or respect a person with a strong orientation toward one gender who fucks around with another. There's a ton of venomous hate from gay people toward straight-oriented guys in their porn.

But if society ever accepts and respects nuance or complexity, it will be a great thing!