Thursday, August 6, 2009

Damn ?1 We didnt get to see this one in Hollywood. The gloves and mask are awesome. She can lift the mask like the visor on a helmet, just watch...


Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

Boy, does this take me back.

I used to have a maid from Jamaica, or Haiti or one of those islands where they kidnap blond girls who are on spring break...

She was an older lady about 5'10", strong as an ox with a shaved head and painted fingernails about 2" long.

Anyway, she was the worst housekeeper in the world. My rooms had so many dust bunnies the hardwood floors looked carpeted. I would often come home to find her napping. The only way I knew she had done any work is because my knick-knacks and collectibles would be broken and scratched.

I would have fired her but she scared the shit out of me. Like Ms. Jones.

Martha Stewart

gavin said...

Maleficent the SLEEPING BEAUTY witch + FLASH GORDON's Klytus + Richie Rich

Anonymous said...

I saw this show here in NYC at the Hammerstein Ballroom - it was AMAZING. I hear she performed longer here than in LA btw AND - more importantly - had more costume changes here. In fact I was told she didn't wear this for the LA show but added it to the tour here in NYC for the first time so you wouldn't have seen it at the Hollywood Bowl performance. Anyway, the fiercest thing about this outfit, which was BEYOND FIERCE, was that she only wore it for half the song! We thought whe was walking over to the side of the stage to take the mask/head-piece off but walked completely offstage and started her change into the next outfit for the next song - while continuing to sing the song from off stage. J'Gag!
She performed for over 2 hours and did 8 costume changes! I have some amazing pics that I was able to snatch of her in this headpiece.
J'dore Grace!