Friday, August 21, 2009

Fetish Kookery of the day: Trampling

Im only posting this because people are always shocked by it but in Europa its WAY COMMON. Im not into being trampled but I will say Ive trampled guys and liked it, they asked for it though. Its not something I jerk off to but it is fun to do if someone hot asks. The first time someone asked me to do it though I was like " Huh?!" and its harder to do then you think, people are jigglier then you imagine.


NSFW said...

it helps to practice on a bozu trainer at the gym... after that you can tramp a guy for a good long time.
meanwhile, the ice treads look real mean.

David Mason said...

no shit?! I mean with thouse you would have to be SO CAREFUL?! I mean its not like the rib cage has that much meat on it and one tap on your clavicle with those im sure would break them... ouch!

Anonymous said...

dangerously too goofed for real