Monday, August 3, 2009

I had the freakiest dream, I dare you to try and figure this one out....

Ok I had this dream that I was in a theme park, my dreams very often take place in a theme park, usually a sub par disney type NOT a six flags type...hello..anyways...
I had this dream where this guy I have been sorta dating shows me a clip on his lap top that is like semi secret and you have to hack into it to see it of this guy in a scuba suit underwater and he has one of those devices that are canisters they use that have a vacuum to suck in sea life with, except when he sucks stuff in it then gets somehow stored into this clear canister that is attached to his BUTTHOLE?! The canister btw is about the size of a fire extinguisher. So hes swimming around in the dark and he finds what hes been looking for, this larger sized BLUE OCTOPUS! He sucks it in and it goes into the canister attached to his BUTTHOLE and then it starts VORACIOUSLY ATTACKING his butthole with its BEAK?!?!?! Remember they have BEAKS!!! So then you see all this thrashing around and bubbles and stuff so you cant see much because its this frenzy where the octopus is EATING THE GUY ALIVE STARTING WITH HIS BUTTHOLE... but this is what the guy had planned the entire time?!?! I just remember saying to the dude who was showing the clip to me " DONT YOU KNOW THOSE THINGS HAVE BEAKS?!" ...... and that was it...
I find that OTHER people are best at explaining your own dreams because they can pick up on the words you use to describe what you "saw" because THAT is what the dream was about. Its not the subject matter but how that subject matter can make you feel, and the words you use to define the dream express that... so GO AHEAD... LAY IT ON ME!!! I have to run to the I swallowed a vitamin and its stuck in my throat and I cant seem to get it UNSTUCK!! Im gonna try selzter..

Ok interesting side note. As I was looking for octopus clips I just thought to myself out of nowhere "Sometimes I wish I was an octopus."....... I did spend a healthy portion of yesterday eating rican butthole....


Sue said...

Too easy. You saw the Herodotus cartoon on my blog yesterday where the octopus was attacking the hero and you are very suggestible.

Erik said...

Did anyone by chance recently rub their stubbled chin on your butthole while they were licking it... that HURTS like a beaked octopus eating you alive. I have never been able to understand why so many people think it´s a good idea and try to do it to you!

David Mason said...

I didnt see that posting though!!! i saw the batman pic but not the squid, so thats an uncanny coincidence. Octopus sex must be in the collective unconscious lately.
and nobody with facial hair ate me out.....

Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

Thank God the camera man chose to capture the footage of this perilous event rather than help Mr. Scuba.

Martha Stewart

Anonymous said...

that reminds me of Herodotus
and also a Wolfpek story

It says in this dream book
If you dream of a octupus
attack trouble is in store
but it doesnt say if it has to
attack you or not.
Bah them book are lame. If you read
another one you can likely
get another interpretation and pick the one you like.

gavin said...

Your subconscious was probably just remembering some gay erotica you read by Wolfpek!

It's obviously an erotic fantasy.

First, there's a diver in rubber slickwear, your favorite, form-revealing fetish.

Then the diver is a bottom getting his ass filled up, which is also your fantasy.

The ass-filling excitement is channeled through a suction device where a diver's oxygen tank is normally located to show how intensely you want it. You need sex like air, as do we all. You like sucking, too.

But at the same time, you fear the pain involved in getting fucked. Sometimes it's sharp; sometimes it's manageable, but all bottoms (including women in their vaginas) must endure some degree of pain when accommodating intruders to their holes.

A penis spreading apart your hole hurts. Getting rimmed can hurt, too, if the person bites or uses teeth too much -- hence the fear of the beak. But those little nips and bites can also feel quite good.

And the more dangerous the threat to your anus, the more you get aroused. The force and flurry of a jet stream flushing a thousand titillating particles up inside you is exhilarating. You want a freaky invader to chew you open with all the strength it can, but you know it could hurt and tear something. The thought of fitting an entire squishy yet solid octopus up your butt also blows your mind, but it could also blow through your rectum.

So you're cautious and you fear letting go. That's why you're just voyeuring and judging a video clip safely from your laptop. You know you want it, but you know you don't.

It's all about your fear of letting completely go and getting hurt.

That's the dilemma of every bottom. Pleasure comes with pain. You're attracted AND repulsed; you love it as much as it terrifies you.

Sado-masochistic people take this reality -- the pain of sex -- to the extreme. That's when bottoming becomes an endurance test and a thrill to be pushed against the border of physical damage.

If you want to be surprised by how much disgusting, freaky-shaped creatures can turn you on, just read one of Wolfpek's stories.

Or go to a sex shop and see how many vaginal toys are designed like creatures, especially sea creatures!

gavin said...

I also think you're ASHAMED of how exciting kinky octo-sex might be.

You're aroused by it, but it would humiliate you. You're afraid of how weird everyone would think you are for liking it, including yourself.

That's why the video clip is "semi secret;" shared between only you and your boyfriend. That's why you voyeur safely from your laptop instead of experiencing it yourself. You're ashamed of it and scared of losing control.

David Mason said...

To be honest I think there is some truth to your read Gavin..

gavin said...

The underwater setting might also signify a fear and thrill of losing control.

Controlling one's self is MUCH harder to do under water. Man is out of his element there and much more helpless/ vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

Um, octopus sex aside, NO PICS EATING RICAN BUTTHOLE!?!?!? David, David, David....there is no shame in sharing something like that, or your octopus sex fantasies, with your loyal following. Horny readers want to see and hear more!!! Don't forget a good close-up with your tongue just touching the Rican hole, thanks ;)


youreviltwin said...

the VERY first thing i thought was "he wishes he was an ass-eating octopus," and then i scrolled down and you were like "sometimes i wish i was an octopus."

youreviltwin said...

i just thought of something else.

al pacino as roy cohn in angels in america right before he dies he's talking about how he wants to come back as an octopus! he's all like, *death rattle, death rattle* "eight lovin'arms..."

annnnnnd he's dead.

that doesn't necessarily pertain to your dream in any way, but um... uh, nevermind? i guess that roy cohn was sort of a REAL LIFE supervillain, and he wanted to be an octopus as per Tony Kushner. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!