Thursday, August 6, 2009

Im going to stop eating Chinese, Thai, Viet Namese ... My fat head cant take it!?

I cant eat that stuff anymore. For 24 hours it turns my fingers into even bigger sausages then they already were and bloats my head into "great pumpkin" territory....yuckers. I have history of having a pumpkin head though so I guess I shouldnt deny my roots. Was anyone else ever a "Kooky Spook" I was this one appropriately enough, THE PUMPKIN HEAD, was it a SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY?!.... Dont care, I was into it and executed FAT HEADED small town 5 year old FLAWLESSLY! As a child I was called E.T by my sister because my head was so big and my body was so skinny..... Nowadays thats what you call a MODEL?!..... Bonjour!!!!?!


duaner said...

OMG! i was punkinhead, too!! or was it my sister... hmmm.

Ben said...

Kooky Spooks! I haven't thought about those in 100 yrs. My sister & I both went the 1st year after we moved to AZ. It was all downhill from there. Now that I'm safe & sound in the city, maybe I should try a revival this Halloween?

gavin said...

I couldn't live without Asian food.