Saturday, August 1, 2009

Im possessed by the spirit of some ancient FULL QUEEN... Who must have also had FAT SAUSAGE FINGERS!!!

Blackman Cruz is probably the coolest store in LA and almost nobody knows about it. A very simple way to describe the store is "HOME FURNISHINGS FOR BILLIONAIRE SUPER VILLAINS". They have the coolest selection of MANTIQUES and other villainous object d'art. Its SUPER EXPENSIVE but also reasonably priced I feel because the stuff they have is SO FIERCE AND UNIQUE. They had this Tibetan hand armor and they were so "me" I had to buy them ( they were also the CHEAPEST THING IN THE PLACE). I mean what FULL QUEEN BABY CHILD didnt lust for CLAWS as a child?! I DID!!! I wanted to be able to transform into a shiny BLACK AND PURPLE MAN DRAGON THING... I remember going into specific detail about how I wanted the scales to be gloss black but have a purple "interference" sheen to gay realness. Anyways these were rad and like a combination of all things I think are fierce, armor, claws, spikes, compiled with a touch of EXOTIC MYSTERY!!!
After I bought them my friend and I QUEENED OUT and did a red hot photoshoot. Id share his pics but I doubt he wants them floating around the internet.
Blackman Cruzs' website is VERY CONSERVATIVE compared to what is in there. I really suggest visiting their shop if youre in LA, its like a museum but everything is for sale. If you want a very general feel of their stuff click HERE, but I feel that the site isnt the best representation of what they have to offer.


witomski said...

Dave....I must admit, your attraction is that you are a little off center with reality...god, I love you!...Joe

Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

I'm am no authority on "fierce" things, but I thought you could appreciate the banana snake and the pandas with KISS eye make-up.

Things are slow in the office.

Martha Stewart

David Mason said...

Oh Thank you Joe for likely weird ol me. And thank you martha for the link, i did like the banana snake and the kiss pandas. There were a couple other neat ones too. I may post it on here. :)

Anonymous said...

Besides being crazy brilliant, could you possibly have the best skin EVER!?!?! I mean just look at your face, like a 10 year old baby boy! FLAWLESS!

I keep waiting to "grow out" of my acne at 39 :(


David Mason said...

Thanks G, but its just a trick of the light, I have LARGE PORES but as i get older I am totally happy about my eastern european THICK SKIN because it keeps me young looking. Thats and the obsessive use of cremes and other magic potions.

Sue said...

They are so totally you!

And isn't amazing that they FIT, considering that they were made a long time ago for an Asian man [?] [who presumably was straight....?].

Herodotus said...

Yep! WONDERFULLY FIERCE! Your claws are conjuring images of a SUPER SLICK FIEND toying with his roided-out prey!

Nsfw said...

Meanwhile, the Thumper "T" is so effin' adorable, couldja be any hotter?!