Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jean Paul Goude sorta owns what is "France".

If you have ever seen the making of this video you know that its just a set, a total flat, which surprised me. Its sorta obvious now, but back when I saw it I just thought it was another "fancy french place".
Anyways.... This has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING but I just woke up and its 5 a.m so why not share....
There have only been two dudes I ever hooked up with that had GENITAL ANOMALIES. One was this turkish dude with a giant dick but instead of getting hard and curving up, which I never realized was VERY SIGNIFICANT, it curved DOWN. So like when his dick was hard it look like this super long fat soft cock but it was HARD.. It was a curse though because he couldnt fuck with it because it hurt to much to pull it up against its will to fuck. He had to like " dip it in". I saw some porno in the 90s with Ken Ryker and he did the same thing and it LOOKED HOT because he was straddling this dude who was like standing on his head/shoulders while he squatted over him and dipped it in. Believe me though it only LOOKS HOT, after trying it I found out its quite literally just a PAIN IN THE ASS.
The second dude was a guy who was half Iranian and half Irish. Now looking at him he just looked like a blue eyed Iranian BUT the wild thing was when he took his pants down there was serious a LINE OF DEMARKATION between his Irish blood and his Iranian blood, he was Irish from just below his belly button to the upper part of his thigh, it was very interesting. Id never seen anything like it in my life. Like actually quite clearly SPLIT. the skin tone was way lighter, the body hair was blonde and then it went back to being black hair above his belly button and below his upper thigh. I had never even heard of that happening before. It was sorta fierce because you could just look at parts and it was like you were having a THREE WAY but UNLIKE and actual three way youre ACTUALLY into all the people involved!?! Has anyone else come to the realization that usually when someone wants to involve you in a three way its a TRAP and the hot one is just setting you up to feed you to his RICH NOT HOT BF?!.... I HAVE?!!


Collin said...

Hey, the second scenario you describe sounds like a clear case of a Chimera, which is quite literally two people fused into one. It is very rare in humans and happens in the womb when two twins get a lil' bit too buddy buddy and BAM, they end up being one twin. One embryo engulfs the other and VOILA you get a true mixy (and i'm not just talkin' a halfbreed like that cher song). The twins had to be fraternal to start with of course. So technically, you were having a three way, if you were counting genetic individuals.

(a bio gradstudent who finds your blog intriguing)

Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

Boy, does this take me back.

Back when I was a slut and gave it away for free- before I realized one could gain money, power and fame with sex - I used to suck cock.

Oh, how I loved the manly tube steak - cut, of course...I only like exotic flavors in my food. And it was one of those "Debbie Downer" dicks that taught me to deep throat.

I always credited myself as a superior cocksucker, believing I was providing only the best service and doing all that I could possibly do. Then I met a man, lets call him, David Letterman*. David was a such a comedian that every time he took his pants off he would make that slide whistle noise as "little Dave" dropped down the side of his leg.

Anyway, I was giving him my patented swirl-down-the-shaft-from-tip-to-root-while-working-the-underside-with-my-tongue service when he demanded my throat. I had know idea what he meant, so he stood up and put me on my knees, grabbed the back of my head and kept pressing til my nose was in his musky pubes.

Well, my head was spinning - and not just from the poppers. It was such a rush to have a man inside a previously untouched part of my body. I was speechless - which was convenient seeing as how my piehole was stuffed at the time.

There's is no chance of putting the lid back on that Pandora's Box, or in this case throat. I have needed a good, hard head-off-the-edge-of-the-bed skull fucking ever since. I went on to suck every kind of cock imaginable...curves up, curves down, those mean hockey stick dicks with built in right angles that aren't happy until your tonsils are beaten to a bloody mash; the twisted, gnarled elephant size dicks that look like tree roots.

But I will always have a soft spot in my palette for that beautiful floppy downward dong. Not only do they go down as easy as creme brulee, they're excellent for fucking in the "piledriver" position.

But that's another story for another post.

Martha Stewart

*names have been changed to protect the guilty

Kurt Walters said...

There are but a few exceptions to the 3 way scenario you paint. George and I being one of them, if I may be so vainglorious to suggest.

By the way, any takers? Anybody? Plans this weekend? We're around..

Contact Dave n he'll set it up.. We're a gift with purchase for any $300 or more purchase of exciting Slick It Up gear!

Offer good thru 10-1-09

gavin said...

Yes, threeways don't work well unless all parties are into each other.

That doesn't mean all threesomes suck — you just have to make sure everyone really likes everyone else, or someone's going to be the Third Wheel.

But sometimes, pity-fucking the uglier dude is worth it to get to his boyfriend. For instance, I would fuck Mason Wyler's unremarkable, tiny-meated Asian boyfriend just to get to Mason.

I would make a strong effort not to ignore the guy I was pity-fucking, though. I would make him feel included and make some kind of use of him. Most people just ignore the uglier one and it becomes not hot, where people's feelings are hurt.

That said, one time I agreed to a threesome with an ugly/hot couple and the UGLY guy turned out to be the awesome one!

He was mid-60s, plain body and a very ugly face. He was this filthy rich, international restaurateur. His boyfriend was a 28-year-old bodybuilder and HOT, so I agreed to join them in bed just to get to the hot one.

BOY WAS I WRONG! The rich senior had a 9", uncut beer can dick and fucked like a stallion. The bodybuilder was like a dead fish and mostly just watched. I forgot all about the bodybuilder once me and Daddy Warbucks got going.

IT WAS SO AWESOME and I went back a couple times for some 1-on-1 with gramps.

witomski said...

Dave...Love your new banner! You're quite the color-wheel!...Regards...Joe

David Mason said...

Thanks Joe.

rashasha said...

I love what he did with the bicentennial of the French Revolution! Wish I were there!

David Mason said...

Yeah I know, so cool! Would have been great to see!