Monday, August 17, 2009

La Zombie..some costumes by Slick It Up

Ive seen some still from the movie and it actually looks pretty cool. I think Santino shot this clip behind the scene himself. I like the Francois giggle at the end. Fang supplied me with the photo, I guess there is a scene where theyre all in Slick It Up gear and having an orgy or something and all hell breaks loose and it turns into a GORE FEST.


NSFW said...

B laB continues to rule!

LUCIEN said...

Adam K is like TVs Mary Richards sort of - He "turns the world on with that smile " :-)

youreviltwin said...

i heart blab!

and i LOVE the new banner picture! big ups for using a 'body heat'era kathleen turner doppelganger.

next time you should try and get a POST-MENOPAUSAL kathleen turner lookalike in a slingshot swimsuit! what's your fantasy perfume called? haggard cunt goddess or something? when you come out with it, you TOTALLY have to get KT to do the voiceover at LEAST!