Friday, August 7, 2009

Latest by Benoit Prevot

I commissioned Benoit Prevot, whos link is in the sidebar, to do an illustration/painting for me of my friends dog as a "Thank You" for work we had done together. I was very happy with and loved the idea. I just told Benoit I wanted to do something fun and a little sexy with his new puppy, which is called something like a sasqualootcha corndog or something, and this is what he came up with :) I think I suggested the desert and I know I demanded a CHUPACABRA! One attack the fence of where Francy and I did a shoot!!! Promise!!!


LUCIEN said...

the MASTER takes the leash and dutifully takes his ANIMAL for his walk

brando said...

I like... I also like the other House of Vader one on his site where you're being whipped by a devil I assume?

One day I'll be making the big boy bucks and get my very own. What should it look like?

David Mason said...

Well you know I live for anything nationality or race fetish oriented so I say go with something in that direction, but thats just my schtick. I think its sexy and fierce and people gag. This 6 8" black queen I went to CalArts with who was a gaultier model back in the day once said to me " David, you need to be someones SICKNESS with your look, you need to find some hot jew and just be his NAZI FETISH SICKNESS" and I just thought.... HOT?!.. I feel that stuff, love to be the nazi, the big dumb pollock, trophy bottom, white jock bully, I play them all and just go with what Ive got and I suggest you do the same! Its what Edith Piaf said "use your faults" and its the BEST ADVICE EVER, its like in doing that you become the sexiest most powerful person because the confidence and comfortability you get from it just says "I OWN IT" and "Thank you god for giving it to me!'
So give them your best parts and your "faults" and you get the best possible outcome. Serve them your gorgeous skin, but dont shy away from what makes you "you" maybe even have yourself draw DARKER for an AFRICAN AMERICAN IN PARIS effect, or serve them black man in power suit, or whatever I dunno what your fantasies are or where your from because if youre from the south there are about 500 different stunts you could pull, I always wanted a drawing of me in overalls against a fence eating COPIOUS AMOUNTS of WATERMELON, with full on VAGINAL SLICE out of the melon over the crotch and all?!?! and if you DARE TO HAVE THE NERVE Id say go with that one!!! I WOULD LIVE if someone would own that country old timey ante bellum south fetish!!!! but again thats just my schtick, so I say make a list of 20 things you like and let the artist put something together themselves. Thats my way of doing stuff, just make the list, the colors, the ephemera, the inspirations and let the artist do want they do best and you get the best results, if you try and control someone elses talents too much the work comes off as uninspired because the other person who worked on it wont be interested and will just be doing a "job" and not making "art" to the gym..

Jay said...

I love the look on his face. Like "how did i get myself into this mess?" Or the dude in charge thought it would be funny if he sent him out tied up in fetish gear and let the dog lead him around helplessly as an amusement. Wow, this has sparked my imagination.

Your reply to Brando could have been a post in itself. So I can use my pudge to my advantage?

Randsome7 said...

Where is this devila whipping of Dave I gotta see that firey ass en flagrante

Anonymous said...

Let us see DAVE on his leash with Franny yanking his real self

gavin said...

Let's hear it for bestiality!

gavin said...

Love your outlook, Dave! Your CalArts friend was right on the money.

And people can tell you're not a Dumb Pollock. You're an exciting, bright, curious and creative man/lady.

You just can't spell or do grammar.

But work the Dumb Pollock character for fantasy, that's hot!