Sunday, August 16, 2009

Latex ball...BUSTED.

So I went to the "Latex Ball" last night which is NYC biggest vogue ball, which Id never been to. What a LOUSY DISAPPOINTMENT?!!!! I wanted to grab the mic and CHIDE them all for being lazy, uncreative, and just plain SLOPPY. Those kids are supposed to be SERVING IT... they couldnt serve you a STACK OF WAFFLES!!!?! What kind of world do we live in when the POLLOCK COW in the room has the best look in a room full of BLACK FAGGOTS... FOR SHAME CHILDREN OF HARLEM?! Here I held them to such a high standard after watching Paris is burning, the clips on youtube, them at the pier etc etc etc, so maybe there was no room for improvement but what a disappointment. NOBODY had a look that was remotely interesting, and yes I understand that if you dont have an education/money/parents its hard to be creative because you have no access to points of reference but I dunno I expected at least SOMETHING. I mean I practically grew up in a swamp and i found a way to be creative, DOLLY PARTON SLEPT IN A BED WITH 8 SIBLINGS and figured out a way to be the most prolific song writer in America.. It does go to show you that the public education system for these kids sucks and they are at a VAST disadvantage so I feel for them for that and I realize im over privileged so I cant be to hard on them, but I would suggest at least 3 things:
1. Read a fairy tale
2. Watch Bladerunner, Beyond the Thunderdome, and View to a kill.
3. Learn the color wheel.
Those can all be done in an afternoon and will establish a foundation for creativity that any creative person worth their salt is gonna appreciate.
Its too bad because some got my look ( I didnt take picture because I like to do it just to live sometimes and not for documentation) but in all honesty I may as well have been at a straight event, thats the same response I got from most of them, which is a facial expression somewhere around "Did that plant just move?." Id liken the experience to DRIVING A LAMBORGHINI INTO THE CONGO!?! In a place where the people have never even seen a car a Lamborghini is just going to be wasted on them, they dont care, and dont know, and dont CARE TO KNOW, that the lamborghini is a 6000 HORSE POWER CUNT! Its hard to care about something like that when your hungry, so I cant be cruel but.... Cutting edge, they were not and they kept saying that they were. I know they need to give themselves a pat on the back because nobody else is gonna but.... someone might if they maybe just tried a TEENY WEENY bit harder. They need to get a manager, someone who can focus their talents and abilities. I swear this thing was an ENDLESS line of "drunk person at the wedding got his hands on the microphone" People might be interested in them if they simply learned the basic "show person" rule of "PEOPLE DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU, THEY JUST WANT TO BE ENTERTAINED. IF YOU HAVE A MIC IN YOUR HAND IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU, ITS ABOUT THE OTHER PEOPLE WATCHING YOU. SO SHUT UP AND ENTERTAIN, THIS IS NOT YOUR SOAP BOX MOMENT." It was an endless litany of inaudible bullshit masturbatory banter, I swear most of the time the person with the mic had his eyes closed when he was "talking" which even more proof of this just being a masturbatory moment about them and TOTALLY RUINING THE MOMENT. We left after 30 minutes... get yer act together kids or your moment will forever be 1991.
Sorry to be harsh but I had respect for you and you blew it, Im deeply saddened. I feel like a mother when she has to go to the police station to pick up her kid, that she knows isnt a bad kid, but he just got busted spray painting someones car and shes "deeply disappointed" in him.


filthyhot said...

I love you, your ass (show more of it please in thongs), and your blog but this statement

"I understand that if you dont have an education/money/parents its hard to be creative" ... is ridiculous.

What a harsh comment coming from a gay man talking about a part of gay black culture. It's shocking how gay white culture can be so quick to make assumptions about gay black culture and black people.

Creativity ... as you know ... is not a cookie cutter mold or should be approved of first by mainstream.

a youtube 'how to wear' video and a hot ass picture of francy couldn't make a homeless man buy the new gladiator gear off slickitup because he is homeless. the two just don't work.

ball culture is not youtube videos. ball culture is in the clubs and living rooms of people who vogue. ball culture is not the theirry mugler opening of the vh1 fashion awards. ball culture and some people just don't fit.

i understand that you were pissed but don't make ridiculous comments. you show your ass literally. even if it is a nice and juicy ass that i want to stick my tongue in.

At The House of Vader said...

"Learn the color wheel"=MAD LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

awwwww....sorry babe

Frank Leon Roberts said...

Stumbled across this post. I'm disgusted.

Unfortunately, YOU sound a lot like an old, bitter white queen is saddened because all of those beautiful people of color at the ball paid you NO attention.

Poor baby. Get a life man. I'm a ball kid and have been a part of the Latex Ball for the past six years. I'm 26, with 4 degrees. Hardly what you would call "underprivileged."

I think you should stick to posting pictures of B-list white porn stars, that seems to be more of your calling.

Dont bother posting a response, for I wont be reading it.

Anonymous said...

Genius rant. You're spot on about creativity. The bit about Dolly Parton should be told to every school kid on their first day at school.

Anonymous said...

Awe buddy no pic of you from the evening out? While I understand every moment of your life doesn't need to be documented I think I can safely say a lot of us are fans of the site because we simply adore you! You are WAY cute and I personally can't get enough of that great smile and always look forward to seeing it when you post a pic.


Anonymous said...

best post ever! and guess what? that shit WAS '91. the same way sam fox will forever be '86. nothing is forever, especially something SO stylistically narrow. just keep watching "paris is burning", learn it, and learn it well!

brando said...

Oh no! I feel like it's my fault you had a bad time. I may have gotten your hopes up too high in regards of what the kids were going to bring! I did enjoy it more later on in the evening once the competition started and bitches started vogueing. That part is the ball's origin and strong suit.

But style-wise, yeah it was definitely lacking. And I'm one to talk given the shit I threw together. I guess if you're not into it, it's best to be observed in YouTube clips when you can just admire the good parts.

David Mason said...

I knew that some people were gonna be upset over this but Im not taking anything back. I had the utmost respect for these kids and they simply didnt deliver. I have been inspired by them for a long time and to finally go and see what a ill prepared poorly conceived event it was was a MAJOR let down. It was just bad. Sorry kids, Im dropping you. I deny you your FIERCE badge... you need to earn that shit you dont just get it because youre african american and a faggot , sorry... EARN IT AND EARN IT WELL!

David Mason said...

ps Im really shocked these black queens got upset I read them?! I mean I couldnt have been nicer?! I made it very clear I was disappointed in them because I held them in such high regard, which is WILDLY different then just saying " They suck". and I SO dont take it back. I WANT THEM to be fierce. In fact I always say the reason WHY america Is FIERCE is because of black african american faggots?! If you go to Europe they have fierce shit but nothing "cunt". cunt comes from african american queens which is why you cant get it in Europe. Dont get me wrong Europe can be fierce but its WAY more mellow, not nearly as aggressive. I think its from all the wine and cigarettes and the lack of culture clash that you get in the states. Its that clash that MADE people get fierce in the states but as I said you need to earn that shit, you dont just inherit it. and they had NOT earned it... they should all be ASHAMED, DEEPLY DEEPLY ASHAMED!!!!!! There is NO REASON WHY the POLISH COW in the room should have the best look, NO REASON !! Maybe now that we have a black president the world is upside down and its gonna be all about pollock faggots turning out looks and serving it to "high culture" I hope not, im too old for that shit.
And that one queen who said I was bitter has confused it with ANGRY and DISAPPOINTED, what a let down.... They are so CHOPPED.

David Mason said...

OH and before I run out the door, and yes I know I shouldnt address dumb comments BUT ... I love how she says " I just STUMBLED across this posting".. Oh really, you mean on your QUEST FOR GAY FETISH PORN?!? because there is an adult verification you have to pass through to get here. Then she has the nerve to say " b-list white porn stars" AS IF SHE WASNT JUST JERKING OFF TO THEM?!?!..... Nigga Please?! Stop TRYIN IT... TRYORY ...Accept the fact that they did a poor job and stop being angry that you got read for it, you made your bed now lay in it. They scored low, do a better job next time and get a better score, its this attitude of "WE ARE FIERCE AND IMMUNE TO ALL AND ANY "READING" that got them there in the first place. As I said it was a masturbatory mess in need of some SERIOUS editing... Gurl if youre gonna come for me I suggest getting ANOTHER DEGREE?!!!

David Mason said...

Oh Frank Leon Roberts, I forgot all about the fact that until you start donating 4 figure sums of money ( which is a lot for me, and yes its tacky to mention but she came for me and has nerve being that I doubt her name is on the list of any "major benefactors" to any gay black kids homeless shelter) to homeless shelters for black queens- LIKE I DO...SHUT THE FUCK UP?! because I am sure I have more experience with these kids then you do?!?!? How many coins have you dropped in the hat for a community that youre a lot "closer" to then I am... Fuckin cunt?! Shut the FUCK up!
Im actually angry over this dumb bitch.. Typical dumb cunt- a lot to say and NOTHING to back it up but CONTRADICTIONS and a lust for B GRADE WHITE PORN STARS clearly?!. i gotta go lift and get this aggression out.. Maybe when she donates a quarter Ill give her some time but until then.....

Anonymous said... went over your head. It's ok, I get your point but the nigga please wasn't necessary.

David Mason said...

Oh give me a mother fuckin break?!?! Gross?! I cant believe you said that... ewww. Its 2009.. nigga please is hardly shocking and if you think only african americans can say it then you have another thing coming. It SOOOOOOO grosses me out when people have a secret wish that all white people are rascist, sorry were not, and that fact that I can say "nigga please" without having to worry about it is the proof. If I couldnt say it, it would only stand to show that I might believe in it. Youre gross and I wonder if youre secrelt self loathing because you put WAY too much power on that word, just makes me think you believe it. Dont read my blog you closed minded person.

Anonymous said...

WOW, didn't expect to read all this first thing Monday morning! Oddly, I am kind of turned on Dave when you let all this fierceness in you out..makes me wonder just how FIERCE you are in the sack!


Anonymous said...

I didn't say that you were racist, I just don't think saying nigga please to a black person is going to help u get ur point across

Anonymous said...

I read you pretty regularly, and sometimes you're interesting to read, and sometimes you're a head-scratching hot mess. In this case, you're a little of both. I think what has gotten some of these commentators hot in a bad way is that they feel you were engaging in a racial stereotype about gay black men. Not all gay men of color are Grace Jones with testicles. It didn't help that you brought up the "disadvantaged card". Now, I am not black, but I can see how someone who IS black could read what you wrote and get pretty pissed off. That is the last thing they want to hear coming from white folks. All that said, I'll keep reading you, because let's face it--sometimes you're pretty damn fucking funny.

Anonymous said...

I don't think thats fair. I mean didn't you snap a while ago when some cabbie called you a faggot a while back? I mean how come you couldn't just get over it? You must be a secret self loathing faggot when a nonfaggot calls you one or else you wouldn't care.


By the by, just to be honest your interest in 'these kids' seems kinda well. Fetishistic. Like your walking into a zoo or a different world and expecting them to act like they did on tv or something. Its like that whole 'YOU PEOPLE ARE SO INTERESTING AND I WAS NOT ENTERTAIN LAST NIGHT BY YOU ALL IN THE LEAST! WTF YALL YOU KNOW ITS SUPPOSE TO BE ON FIYAH LIKE ON TV!!! SHIT, I AM NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL!!!"

Nigga we aint here for you. I like your take on shit but from your post and your responses you do sound like a typical white boy thinking that by 'celebrating us' you aren't offending us when you kinda are. You don't got to kiss our ass to be down. You dont have to tell us how much you like Paris is Burning, Ru, or some other black shit, and go on about how much money you donate so then your opinion matters (because it really doesn't, girl I'm sorry) The only opinons of faggoty niggas that matter are faggoty niggas. I mean we hold opinon of pasty white queens but y'all dont seem to care either about what we say half the time.

Party was wack; not denying that. Wasn't there but whatevah. But lots of parties are wack, even big hyped up parties. Saying how 'black gays let you down', eh it comes across wrong. You may not mean it that way but when negroes read it, it makes the morning naps untangle themselves and the fingers start dancing across the keyboards.

...And I'm serious dont be saying nigga like that 'cause you know you on the internet and feel secure and all and you know you dont say that shit anywhere else. I will send Ray Ray and Lil Dequana an 'nem to your home and do some of those vogues kicks into your neck. F'real.


Is that track suit with the yellow strip still available?

David Mason said...

Sorry, if people are upset that I said those kids are under privileged. Sorry but most of them ARE UNDER PRIVILEGE?! If I sat here and read them for not being creative or edgy, or transgressive, or even interesting and DIDNT SAY IT and cut them some slack I would be a TOTAL PRICK so I guess Im fucked either way. but sorry. hate to say it because its coldly true but until all you mother fuckers start donating as much money as I do to these kids y'all can shut the fuck up and put your money where your mouth is!!! And please dont tell me you "volunteer" because the only reason why these agencies allow volunteers is because they know the person who volunteers is someone who is most likely to donate money and THAT IS ALL THEY NEED. Volunteers are a PAIN IN THE ASS, theyre needy and they expect something in return a lot of the time. So if you havent donated thousands of dollars to gay african american homeless shelters which is a large portion of this "communities" population... Keep your fuckin mouth shut?! Im so happy you have an opinion, too bad you got nothing to back it up you bunch of loud mouth broke ass mother fuckers?!

David Mason said...

ppppps Why does it seem the only people here obsessed with race are the african americans?! It all started with this dude calling the people he was just masturbating to " b grade WHITE pornstars" whats up with that?! If that shit is your issue keep it the fuck off my blog, i could really care less about race which why i so comfortable say the shit i do and yes a giant white guy talking casually might cause a knee jerk reaction to some of you queens but chill the fuck out?! Why do you SO DEEPLY WISH or NEED to have me fill the role as some "hateful white man" its so weird, I cant expect you to know this if you are african american but there is a thing out there called a POLOCK JOKE, you MAY have heard of it and yes I know there is NO COMPARISON to being judged by the color of your skin but let me tell you something MORE THEN ONCE I have been told "Polocks are the NIGGERS of the white world" PLUS Im a GAY which makes me the butt of about 75% of all jokes so dont think that all white people are some how in unison and love one another and hate black people... ugh this race shit bugs me SO MUCH?!?!? Please people get over it, i dont care what color you are GET THE FUCK OVER IT. there is no such thing as "race" to begin with, they simply do not exist, SO I say have fun with whatever you "are" and be free and comfortable about it, I cant expect everyone to be on the same page but please CHILL THE FUCK OUT AND GET OVER YOURSELVES and your own personal issues because we all have them but they are PERSONAL so keep them to yourselves and stop trying to take out your shit on me. i understand you have to for whatever reason and I have a BIG MOUTH, so im obviously a target because im the biggest honkey south of 14th st BUT... Im a nice guy, so please fuck off and attempt the tryory with someone else, this is my soap box not yours. Start your own damn blog... There is a big difference between people who DO and people who CRITIQUE, If you dont DO, DONT CRITQUE! Youre simply invalid and annoying and offensive that you think you have a right to be heard when you do nothing to back it up?! It shocks me, do you feel better that you chimed in, do you think your karma is any better now?! it isnt.. Go give money. Its what I do and it allows me to back my shit up, because im ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING and until youve actually done that youre just some random person bitching..... "Stumbled across this" ... YOU LYING MOTHER FUCKER?! , Own your shit! Its not MY FAULT you feel guilty or self loathing for looking at " B grade WHITE porn stars?!" CONTRADICTORY CLOWN... ugh I hate humans sometimes...

David Mason said...

OMG I CANT GET OVER THIS FRANK LEON ROBERTS?!?! You know.. the guy "who just stumbled onto" my GAY FETISH PORN BLOG, ya know through the ADULT CHECK..just casually... He calls himself an INTELLECTUAL in the title of his blog?!?!?!? and poses next to BOOKS.... with GLASSES ON...NOT SMILING?!?!?!? why doesnt she just put on her cardigan and hold a HOT TODDIE while shes at it... you know that shirt has to be BROOKS BROTHERS.. Even a Martha Stewart putting that scenario together would look like she was in COSTUME?!?... I mean seriously?!? and this FAKE ASS WASP is gonna call the people on my blog WHITE?!?! Honey next to you theyre AUBERGINE?!?!?..SO embarrassing?!?!
No wonder she had to go off...If I hated myself that much Id feel the same way.... Cracker Von Notblack come say your shit to my face, i will box you in the street?!!!

Anonymous said...

Well i'm a reader of your blog, you leave comments open and I'm waiting for my lean pockets to be warmed while watching Intervention. So i wanna reply dammit. If you don't wanna hear from your readers who leave comments, then turn that shit on "Comments Disabled" then or something. People are bored and wanna bitch

Now one thing? to be fair, YOU are the one who brought race into this. I mean its one thing to describe a black event as majority black and say that it was wack and they didn't bring it but your whole post seemed to equate this one party to represent ALL of black gay ball culture which is why you are getting black gayfolk and black gay ball kids replying to you. The dude who went on the b-grade white porn actors don't know dont care that was his attack. He prolly does jack off to them too though so whatever on that.

Plus, you keep mentioning how you donate money over and over again and the only thing I wonder is why do you keep mentioning that? And you say we should shut the hell up when you're telling us you donate to *our* community. Its like, "Thanks but um... fuck... you?"

My tone is in joke mode and light but I did have a problem with what you said so I addressed it. You admitted you expected a response so why are you getting mad at people responding?

White people don't get along, i knew that but the reason I said watch it with the nigga is not because OMG You CANT EVER SAY THAT because I know white people get together in their groups and say it all the time, some jokingly, some to break taboo, and some as serious as if its 1930. Whatevah. And when you said nigga please at first I laughed 'cause it was funny...

However when you went and told dude that he should get over and its 2009, I called bullshit on that 'cause you arent a nigga and so you shouldnt tell actual people who have to deal with that word how they should feel about it.

At all. I know its problematic, I know we say it all day everyday I know its in ourmusic in our tv, and I know white kids say it to each other without malice. But for black people you know if you walked into brooklyn saying that shit it would not fly like that and you'd get some serious looks. If you said, "Cool my bad sorry to offend not my intent" it wouldn't have been anything 'cause anyone reading could see hwere you were coming from. Thats why I gave the example of the faggot situation you been through- you know what its like to be a faggot and for someone who isn't a faggot to tell you to get over and that its nothing and a joke is annoying as hell.

And another "stupid white people" saying? The "You know its only one/no race- its only the human race" is such a...forgot the word, when- when you trying to deflect the conversation? Yeah that word. I mean its like, 'ignore what I said 'cause you may be offended by what i said but you know it doesn't matter 'cause I'm a good white guy y'all...One Love."

And thats why some of us are like , 'Nah nigga we goin' talk this shit out." So thats what we doing. Late at night. And don't do that cause if you didnt care then why are you replying?

Oooooooh. I got you, son on that one.

And why didn't you reply when I asked you if you still got that suit on sale? And calm down and learn to argue with a smile on your face. I dont know about the other folks but I'm just talkin to you in a debate like atmosphere. lol.

David Mason said...

Lets be real in this world for ONE MOMENT. If you havent donated money, you havent done shit. So shut the fuck up, its that simple.

Anonymous said...

I wrote all that and thats your reply? I mean I know theres some bullshit in it but it was worhty of more than that.

And its a bs reply because of all the shit in this world that needs to be done, donating money is like the easy part when it comes to deciding what to do with it all and dealing with the day-to-day. I didn't hop on the volunteer stuff because it fell apart on its own without me having to touch it as tons of people work their ass off and can't give money to make organizations and homeless shelters run, hell or even putting together the fundraisersw to get your money together takes work but go ahead and act like your contribution is the end all be all. Go on, girl. Your 'I donate money so I can't ever be a' bad guy'/say anything wrong that needs to be questioned' routine is what you will stick to i think i WINS the argument...

Which means I win that limited edition suit. Right? RIGHT?!

AT LEAST GIVE A GAY BROTHA a DISCOUNT for schooling you! At night.. shit I dont even know what this kid on Intervention is addicted to and what clinic they are sending him to because of you.

David Mason said...

:)Youre right you deserve more and Im sorry but that one queens contradictory bullshit just threw me off the edge and i just wanted it to end already. I'll give you a discount just for being an HOV reader and at least commenting :) If you order put "houseofvader" in the promo code section youll get 10% off, we had a 15% off code but it expired otherwise i'd give it to you :)

LUCIEN said...

David - You are too shy -You sugar coat things too much dude - tell us what you really feel sometimes ! :-)
Dave You state your case - and then you stand behind what your say. Today thats quite an admirable strength.

Anonymous said...

Aww, you are too cute. Agree to disagree. Keep up the blog 'cause its entertaining as fuck.

With your crazy white ass.

David Mason said...

:) Youre fierce for that :) and thank you :)

Jay said...

I am not saying a damn word about anything related to the post....except that it was hot to read David and the Anonymous guy (who cracked me up and should start his own blog) come to terms with each other. Both had solid points, and they worked it out on a comments board and I find them both to be intelligent and funny as hell.

A single tear rolled down my fat Irish face over this. A joyous one.

Oh, and I don't want a vogue kick to my face. For real.

gavin said...

LOVE your advice and your comic gifts ...

gavin said...

Does filthyhot want to pretend like most black kids aren't disadvantaged, or have disproportionately less income and education that white people on average?

It's the system, and the gap won't be overcome if people are in denial about it.

Dave or anyone else can acknowledge that without being racist. And you'll notice he makes the point that income/exposure is no excuse for being ignorant or making bad art.

Anyone can be criticized for that.

You honestly think Dave dislikes black people or mistakes them for something they're not?

Give me a break, he's friends with a bunch of black drag queens. He speaks Trannese!

Why would he go to the show if he didn't expect great work?

gavin said...

Notice how "Frank Leon Roberts" wrote nothing in defense of the artwork, which was Dave's primary complaint.

Instead, he chose to make it all about race and put down the blog's porn pics, like some kind of corny square. And "B-list"?

As if "Frank Leon" is hotter than Francois or wouldn't gladly deep throat any of the porn stars pictured here.

Maybe the "4 college degrees" and preppie polos are the reason the ball sucks!

Too square, too corny. He looks like motherfucking URKEL.

I bet he personally drained the life out of the show and sanded down every edge.

That's life in a pastel polo for ya!

gavin said...

8:26 PM said,

"Nigga we aint here for you."


You can't cry foul or "racism" if someone criticizes your public work.

"The only opinons of faggoty niggas that matter are faggoty niggas."

BULLSHIT, you want all the white money and white customers you can get, in addition to every other race!

These guys put on a show for THE WHOLE PUBLIC.

I'm sorry, there's no racial requirement to criticize the artwork of someone who HAPPENS to be black!

gavin said...

Dave, I disagree that you have to be a DOER in order to be a critic.

It's nice, and critics deserve different levels of respect and appreciation from doers. But that doesn't mean a non-practicing critic's ideas are invalid.

And frankly, you could never be as much of an expert at one job if you tried to do both.

For instance, Roger Ebert is a better, more knowledgeable expert about the filmmaking scene because he sees everything, which working filmmakers cannot. Busy filmmakers will not know or be able to compare the scene as much as him.

The time Roger Ebert spent writing scripts was time he could have spent watching more of other peoples' films from around the world.

Likewise, a film critic with some production experience will never know what it takes for every project, or what works or how better than people who produce all the time and risk their money.

The same could be said about the fashion industry. So I think DOERS and CRITICS both have valuable and necessary virtues, although different.

David Mason said...

Thank you Gavin! I appreciate your unbiased opinion. What the most shocking is exactly what you said. I go there and talk about how i was disappointed in the show and he gets all PIOUS and RACIST on ME and calls me a RACIST because I said I was REALLY LET DOWN?! HUH Im sorry all Im seeing is a double standard there. If he thought that was good and that they are untouchable shes got another thing coming... What a horrible racist person... and to LIE and say she stumbled across it to cover her FETISH TRACKS is shame on top of shame.

gavin said...

"your whole post seemed to equate this one party to represent ALL of black gay ball culture"

No it didn't. Where?

Cut and paste Dave's words, please.

gavin said...

Look, I agree the "Nigga please" was inappropriate and whites should never use it in that context.

But in Dave's defense, he does believe he is a Strong Black Woman, 24-7

Denise Amourre said...

At first I thought you were being a little harsh on Professor Thing & I wondered if you were unable to take any criticism.

But then I read his "critique." It had no substance! It was just put-downs. What kind of academic must he be--oh, I know the answer! One who carved out a little identity politics niche & cries foul whenever she thinks someone's stepped on her turf.

She did not bring it

Anonymous said...

For someone who has enough ways with words to write and sustain a blog, I am shocked to see the way you have downright disrespected the black gay culture. Text like this is what continues the rift between blacks and whites in the gay community. It continues the ideology that black gay men should been seen as sexual objects at best. Now, I understand if you went to a ball, and it as a disappointment, but there was no cause to become downright hateful. Couldn't you articulate your anger in some other fashion. It's so damn sad. The it's the same people like yourself that demand equality, yet you can't even treat your own fellow kind with the same respect you demand. It's an awful shame.

David Mason said...

Wow, how said that you see it as an attack on african american gays... so sad. Its so clearly not. I went to the event because I have an interest in it I clearly have no qualms with "black gays" I was an attack though.. on their bad styling, poor showmanship and lack of creativity. It had nothing to do with the color of their skiin and I never said it did.
Its strange to me that you would write this. Id ask yourself why you need to see it this way.