Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Japanese Billy Harrington Kookery.

Is their obsession with him like being gay is a funny joke though? I dunno? Like is this some weird gay version of black face or something?! I dont get it but Im naturally paranoid so I instantly go "there". The japanese are weird about that stuff, like did you ever see the pictures of the "japanese black kids" ??? I will attach it..... you'll gag... Maybe they are just open and like him... I dunno.. I just have never heard of GAY PRIDE TOKYO....
I dunno maybe Im just sensitive, as we know I have a problem with the "gay as punch line of joke thing". I happily stopped a gaggle of white kids from the suburbs yesterday who were just flat out saying "Faggot" over and over again yesterday just as though it was perfectly ok and FUN to yell on the street. When I turned around and starred at them like i was gonna punch them in the face ... and subsequently said to my friend, "If they have a problem with faggots their gonna get punched in the face." loud enough for them to hear it, I was happy to see them clam up and stand there PIE EYED and turn around... I think they were going to go see the BLUE MAN GROUP... so no need for any punishment on my part.
I was tipped off by this by reader Fang , who was tipped off by it from reader / blogger Brian from FLESHBOT


Christian Canterbury said...

I think the Japanese just love camp but they have issues with boundries. I mean look at their porn. People shooting diarreah and each other. Uh...gross

Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

That's nothing. Check this out:

Serving, full, sushi-grade Nipon Celebrity realness, OK???

Did I say that correctly?

When I was at the Time Warner Center last week, I picked up Rosetta Stone's new "Tranny Talk" dvds. I think they're really starting to pay off. There is no way I am letting Wendy Williams steal my audience.

Gotta stay competitive.

Martha Stewart

David Mason said...

That actually cracked me up because its REAL and Wendy Williams is TOTALLY using it!

gavin said...

Yes, I think the Billy Herrington thing is deriding him for being gay.

Japanese pop culture often mocks gay people with extreme stereotypes.

I'm not against stereotypes when they're true and the artist's intentions are supportive.

But I resent when the artist's intention is to belittle what's different about us and suggest how we act is absurd or unrespectable.

Like when the comedian Masaki Sumitani does his "Hard Gay" minstrel character on Japanese television. I hate him, even though I want to fuck him:

Rhane said...

I don't think it's a bad thing at all because Billy is totally in on it. He has seen the videos and he's done tours in Japan to talk about them. I figure if he's in on it and he enjoys it there's really no reason to get up in arms. The videos focused on him and not gays in general, I think it's just a Japanese cultural thing that we just can't relate to.

the mrs said...

"I think they were going to go see the BLUE MAN GROUP... so no need for any punishment on my part." is the funniest thing I've read all week.

Ben said...

At the risk of inundating you w/ related vids, David, I came across this one & instantly thought of you & this thread. I don't know what they were smokin when they made this, but it's really hot: