Monday, August 17, 2009

More pics from "LA ZOMBIE" the new Bruce LaBruce film and the guys in Slick It Up

the stablemaster harness worn backwards is kind great. I never knew you could wear it that way and it would look good :)


Altair Drexel said...

OMG i cannot wait to see this film that Bruce claims he "never meant to make". His last gay zombie project was amazing which featured an out of control "gay zombie orgy" scene...ground breaking for zombie films.

Muscled Dad said...

IMHO, I bet Erik just didn't know the front from the back of that harness, but yeah, it looks damn good hugging those pecs.

gavin said...

I love Bruce LaBruce.

But I hope his next zombie flick is less artsy and more fartsy than the last one.

OTTO had great visual creativity and porn, but Bruce needs more solid grounding in storytelling basics.