Friday, August 7, 2009


So every year The SAW series and Lionsgate sponsor a blood drive and Tim Palen who has shot a lot of stuff for Slick It Up, including the current and past H.O.V header, shoots the poster for it. I think this is the best poster yet. Tim is a creative genius and came up with entire concept and the idea for the latex pre-molded lips surgical mask which he had comissioned by the same people who made the GIANT FEET you may have seen Francy wear in a couple of photos. He commissioned the Blonds to do the corset and I did the teeny little nurses hat:)
If any of you are in L.A during the drive you should do it, its fun and a sexy nurse draws your blood!!!


At The House of Vader said...

WOW! I gotta say, I don't really get your fashion-WERQ-lady posts...I totally get it's a thing, but I miss the subtleties and stuff...anyhow, but whtvr, these images are the ILLEST SHIT!! WOW!

Leatherpigboy said...

Very friggin Awesome!!! Damn she is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Very cool image. Great little nurses cap...
but Gay people can't donate blood because there is an antiquated and homophobic set of rules that prevent men who have sex with men from participating (fears of HIV)

It sucks

gavin said...

Francois has an acting role in SAW VI.

Did he get it through Tim Palen as a connection?

I must say, the SAW movies are a cut above the average slasher flick or franchise. Great mystery plots, characters and provocative themes that challenge you to almost sympathize with Jigsaw.

Rich production values, too.

fang said...

ha! i fucking KNEW that hat was your creation before i even read it!