Monday, August 10, 2009

Thats disappointing..Put this under the Carol Channing file of "Old ladies I thought were fierce but now I need to take a dump in their mouth" folder

I read this on The Sword :

For someone who looks like a drag queen, Julia Child once served up some surprisingly choice quotations that supported the "de-fagification" of cooking and lamented "that little bunch of Pansies" who once styled her hair.

Granted, we're talking about America 50 years ago, so everyone was a homophobe. But it's still a fun exercise to imagine Julia Child's warbling voice speaking this stuff out loud. Her exhaustion with gay people was examined in a Boston Mag article that Joe.My.God pointed us toward today. Apparently Julia got over some of her malice when she formed a close friendship with a gay man who later died of AIDS, but before that happened:

She often used the term pedal or pedalo—French slang for a homosexual—draping it with condescension, pity, and disapproval. “I had my hair permanented at E. Arden’s, using the same pedalo I had before (I wish all the men in OUR profession in the USA were not pedals!),” she wrote to Simca. Fashion designers were “that little bunch of Pansies,” a cooking school was “a nest of homovipers,” a Boston dinner party was “peopled by 3 fags in an expensive house…. We felt hopelessly square and left when decently possible,” and San Francisco was beautiful but full of pedals—“It appears that SF is their favorite city! I’m tired of them, talented though they are.”


Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

You would only be doing her a favor by taking a dump in her mouth especially if you had cassoulet for dinner. Remember, she liked to eat.

Martha Stewart

Marvin Lesbian said...

The Carol-is-homophobic incident was a hox

LUCIEN said...

Quelle Disappointment mon ami, to hear about Julia Childs ... I just saw the flick and was pretty charmed by it - My Streep is my goddess of the cinema - I could sit in the dark and watch her read the telephone directory of Missouri and applaud my heart out .

I thought it was a frothy and lovely movie --like a whispery sweet Julia souffle

Avenjer said...

Hmm, I just got finished reading the article and comments over at as many pointed out, there is a lot of details missing in this article. Like when were these letters done, maybe the 1950's-60's? The guy who sued didn't actually sue her but the school, but nothing came of it. She didn't have any involvement in school's selection of him so it didn't make sense and was thrown out. She did support her friend with aids but she also did write these letters at some time and other chefs say she did have issues. But she was an old woman born in 1912, who saw the world change many times. She lived through 2 world wars, the depression, her own husband was under investigation during the 50's red scare witch hunts including being accused of being gay himself. Maybe she harbored something from that time. She saw civil rights for blacks, womens rights, movies, tv, computers. Many changes. But she lived in a waspy world from a conservative family. But other gay reporters including some at USA today say she was an absolute delight to deal with and showed no bias. So, I'm going to cut her some slack. I really liked the movie and gave it a great review on my blog before reading all of this. Maybe it was her generational issues with gays--although there are other elderly who are fine with gays. I think we all have members within our own families who have issues about gays and we still love them, and they us. But I've also seen people change their views about gays too. Most of this info about Julia's views are from before 1992. If she were alive now maybe she'd feel different. Cher is a great example of a gay icon who had issues with her own daughter being gay. And eventually she changed her mind. Nobody ever stop playing "half-breed" over her issues at the time. It's disappointing but I can't throw away what Julia Child contributed to us in pop culture and food. And she was fun. In the movie/real life, Julia Child had real issues with Julie, and Julie too was very dissapointed by her idol. But her husband pointed out that Julia and Julie down even know each other. That the "Julia Child" idol that inspired Julie to become a success was the "perfect Julia Child idol" in Julie's imagination. And that fake "Julia Child" in her mind was the only "Julia Child" that mattered. Because the fake one inspired more than the real one did. And I guess I'd have to say the same thing here. Julia Child didn't know the real "gay us" and we didn't know the "real" her. But it doesn't take away that she did believe we gays were "talented" as she said and that we gays thought she was a hoot to watch. And there are gays who dealt with her who have nothing but good things to say about her. I don't think she ranks up there with your cab driver story, which I totally supported you on. Maybe she was just old fashioned and softened with age. Hell, most grandparents are like that. But I do think the movie was good. But that's my two cents. :)

Anonymous said...

Got to say, lived in France for years and have never heard "pedalo" as the French version of 'fag'. Pédé maybe...but I never heard pedalo.

youreviltwin said...

oh my god, david- you seriously just BROKE MY HEART :-(


although, i think that i'll have to adopt "homoviper" into my own personal arsonerrrr... vernacular.