Saturday, August 1, 2009

This is what I listen to as I walk to the gym. So if you see some big cow "hand dancing" on the street, yeah...its me.

I FUCKING GAG over this video / song. When it comes on my ipod ALL I WANNA DO IS HIGH KICKS DOWN THE STREET mixed in with a few of those BALLET TWIRLS (you know the kind im talking about, I dont know what theyre called, but theyre sorta russian feeling and you spin with your arms across the front of your chest and then sweep them outward as you kick your leg outwards and upwards...yeah THOSE) but dont forget the big FAKE SMILE with a NOD thats says " Yeah, YOU GOT IT!"
These are the top ten songs I almost never skip by at the gym on my ipod. In no particular order.
1. CUNTY VS C.U.N.T.Y. -Kevin Aviance
2. Thats The Way I Like It - Dead or Alive
3. Flash - La Prohibida
4. Love Is a Stranger -Eurythmics
5. I'm Gonna Make You Gag
6. La Notte Vola - Lorella Cuccarini
7. Pop Lock Remix - Hyper Crush
8. The Damned- Plasmatics
9.Too Funky - George Michael
10. Magnifique [Magnified Mix] - Tedd Patterson


Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

I believe the turns of which you speak are called "fouette" turns which means to whip.

Isn't learning fun?

For instance, before reading your blog, I used to only "gag" when the foi gras went down the wrong pipe. Now I gag over my new taupe cardigan and I gag when my stock price shoots up.

I gag so much I'm practically bulimic.

Martha Stewart

David Mason said...

I really cracked up over this one Martha, and Im really honored by the new profile photo you have. I didnt even know you ordered the shredder suit. You must have ordered under a pseudonym.

Cristián said...

You don't cease to amaze me, David. You must have been born in the US by mistake, because your taste and interest for all types of European pop culture is impressive. And how on earth do you know about La Prohibida?
Thanks for this clip. I had no idea about it but it just totally blew my mind. The song itself is pure pop trash "catchyness" as only Italians could manufacture it back in the 80s. And the visuals of all the video are unapologetically 80s all the way, always to the verge of a great 7-Up or Levi's commercial from those days.

Anonymous said...

LOL, this blog gets wackier and wackier by the day and I LUV it!


Aaron said...

no Peter Jacques Band? Im shocked...

David Mason said...

Ok first of :
to Aaron: When I wrote this I TOTALLY KNEW you were gonna say that!!!!!! I just played it out too much i mean i think i listened to "Walking on music" about 700 times at the gym!
To Christian... Youre so right, it SOOO 7-up commercial... for me it reminds me of the kitchen ware department of Bloomingdales from the 80s.
To G.. Thanks!! :)

Cristián said...

I can't resist the temptation of forwarding you this, David.
For your reading and viewing pleasure during your weekend leisure time.

It's an article posted last year on NYT's The Moment blog, by Francesco Vezzoli (Milan-based designer and multimedia artist).
In here he exquisitely documents a recap of his favorite TV moments of his childhood in Italy.
I'm sure you'll love this and will certainly flip inside out with some of the included clips.


gavin said...

You and Sagat are such GODS!! I LOVE the new pic, OMG you're physical perfection

I have never met anyone who is as muscley gorgeous, adorable in the face AND as bright and creative as you are.

You are an entirely new creature to me and a magical unicorn.

BD said...

I'm sorry, but you are giving Frenchy total competition for maximum hotness in that new pic. And not being a porntard makes you even hotter. ;)

witomski said...

Dave...the new banner photo is outstanding. Could you get any more handsome!....Joe

JiffyJim said...

I love the Eurythmic's "Love Is A Stranger"...You should check out their "Savage" album. Especially "I Need A Man" and "Beethoven (I Love To Listen To)". I'm sure you could listen to samples on Amazon.

David Mason said...

Thanks SO MUCH for the kind words about the new header pic :) We had fun shooting it :)

Christian Canterbury said...

My top 10 Workout Tunes
1. Milk Crisis- Go! Team
2. Put The Needle On It- Danni Minogue
3. Heavy Metal- Sammy Hagar
4. 14K- Teena Marie
5. Oh, My Gosh!- Basement Jaxx
6. You Make My Heart Beat Faster- Kim Carnes
7. Houses of the Holy- Led Zepplin
8. Come Give Your Love To Me- Janet Jackson
9. I Started Somethig I Couldn't Finish- Bow Wow Wow
10. Jane- Jefferson Starship

Joel said...

Dave- Regarding the new header, you may be carrying the T but you are totally delivering the A. My tongue just got hard!

David Mason said...

Ill have to check out that kim carnes song!! im a big kimmy fan but never heard that one!