Friday, August 14, 2009

Who knew the Comanche Nation was so CHIC and MODERN?!

Straight Phil is half native American ( play halfbreed here) and he just signed with the Comanches, yes you can actually "sign" with the different nations like MODELING AGENCIES so long as theyre part of your blood line. Phil dumped the Witchitas which he was with and when he did they said "Fine but just know you can never come back.?!" Damn?! Those bitches DO NOT fuck around?!
Anyways I dont blame him for dumping the Witchys, theyre official forms SUCKED graphic design wise and Phil being a graphic designer couldnt handle it and went with the more EDGEY and Sophisticated Comanche just check out their logo above ( though to me it reads as "studio line french hair care product") ... They also just happened to open a huge casino and give you way more $$$...


Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

Please have Mr. Philip Paul Blackowl contact me.

I am still interested in smoking his peace pipe...if you know what I mean.

And now that I know his full name with more background information, I feel us getting closer.

Martha Stewart

brando said...

Tell Phil that he doesn't want mess with this Choctaw warrior.

David Mason said...

Becareful what you say Hunee?! These people DEFINED the expression "I'll CUT a bitch?!"
Do you know native americans have a derogatory slang for african people?! I know that have plenty for the white man but they call the black they dont like " Thoo" .... Oooooooh?!

brando said...

I think that all stems from the Buffalo Soldiers which might explain my lineage honestly. One enslaved minority oppressing another for some (false) sense of freedom.

My cousin is still going to the arduous process of drawing up a family tree which is hard given property rights (can you believe we were property at some point girl!?!?!?).

Anyway, the Buffalo Soldiers and the Comanche tribe has a long, horrible history so I wouldn't be surprised at all at the things they have to say about us.