Friday, August 21, 2009

Wink WInk

Im watching this while brushing my teeth and almost coated my screen in toothpaste spit. Remember in the late 70s/ early 80s when there was a "trend" in painting HEAVY EQUIPMENT like cranes and tractors and fire hydrants and those oil well pump things to look like other things... This is somewhere along those lines in concept, like "Just paint a silly face on that 40 TON BULLDOZER and suddenly nobody will notice ITS MASSIVE BULK!"


gavin said...

The human eyes look retarded!

If I had a fat ass, why would I want people to think it was also living with Down's Syndrome?

And I can be a wise ass without painting an owl on my butt, thanks.

gavin said...

Dave, what do you think of the trailer for AVATAR, the much-anticipated return of James Cameron?

It looks like HALO meets Robert Jordan:

David Mason said...

i say i wont go see it. looks sorta lame, the character design is lamesque. Why does every jungle monster has to have dreads.??!?!?!? And those ships with the fan jet things are just super tired, like didnt they have those in terminator ?

James said...

You wanna know the worst part? The cheapest pair is $149, and the most expensive? $579. Ok What. The. Fuck.