Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WORLD WAR 4!!! Battle of the Italo-Blondes!!!!!! Who is your favorite and WHY?!

I think I have to go with heather Parisi because she was my "first" and that intro is just too insanely perfectly executed 80s realness DOWN! but if Heather is my bride then Rafaella Carra is most assuredly MY FIERCE RULING MISTRESS!!!
ps If you wanna have a high art moment and feel like an alien observing life on earth PLAY ALL OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME!!! Its a MINDSCRAMBLE!


Sue said...

Okay, here is my assessment:

Lorella - it looks way too much like a hair dye ad!

Sara - too much poofie hair and costumes are way too weird!

Heather - sorry, she has no star power in this clip, but her male dancers are HOT! Her costume leaves much to be disired.

Stephania - she is a tad too perky for my tastes

Raffealla - the winner! Great voice and presence. Fierce to boot! Costuming is wonderful as is choreography!

David Mason said...

I can respect that opinion :) but NO STAR POWER?!?! NO STAR POWER?!!?! ?!?!?!?!?!? She danced and almost fell over on a Rubiks cube for you?!!!

Kurt Walters said...

Teelt, teelt, teelt, discothèque!!

Sue said...

I just didn't feel it! Maybe in other clips...

Cristián said...

Get in line, David. I saw her first. You can keep Heather and the rest, but la Carrá is all mine.

Well, ok, we can have a threesome and share her...


brando said...

I came into this automatically knowing I was going to vote for Raffaella- because at her age, STAYING POWER is where it's at!! I mean, the bitch is like 80 in this and still just serving it to you... I mean... committing to that shit. AND the cunt slid across the floor face first! I mean, come on! I loved it.

But then Heather popped up and wow! She's the Rihanna to Raffaella's Beyonce. You know Bey is tough, but RiRi is younger and more relevant. I'm sorry Sue, you need to watch that video again, homegirl was on point the whole way through.

So I'm torn but... I can't believe Im saying this.. I'm giving it up to Heather! I know!! Raffaella is soo fucking badass but I've only seen her do American covers- that was the straw that did it for me. I still love her though.

Lorella is a very close runner up. She reminds me of 90s Paula Abdul- spunky, fun and a good dancer but I don't think it'll translate well into her old age like Raffaella.

Can you say FAG and GEEK!?! Geez, I'm sorry for that. hahaha!

brando said...

I mean, the fashions alone in Heather's video. Come on Sue!!