Monday, August 3, 2009

Wow, Your friends wont believe you at all??!!! No way?!

This was sent to me by Justin of Justinspace, whos link is in the sidebar. Your friends wont believe you?! No way?! Is it because those are two TOTALLY DIFFERENT PEOPLE? Not to mention the "before" picture is technically more RIPPED then the after?!?! Please kick whoever made this in the nuts.


Rob T. said...

I've noticed some "after" pics of guys in ads like this missing tattoos. That can be an obvious warning light.

Are people that dumb to believe ads like this?

Of course.

MDW said...

I just got this ad on Facebook last night. I like that they also got a guy with bad posture for the before pic.

My version of the ad didn't say anything about a girlfriend though, and for some reason, even though I'm not out on Facebook, it knows to always gives me ads that are directed at gay men...

Anonymous said...

oh boy. i saw this same ad on myspace (skank, i know, so what) and had a similar train of thought.
i guess some mega-homely nerds will believe anything out of desperation.

Anonymous said...

All them abs are crap
The ones on tv everything.
They get some guy and they make it
look easy Only 20 minutes a day
3 times a week and you shall look
like this. yeah right.

Derek said...

yo pussy boy whore bottom,

your calves are too skinny and you can't spell shit or write good english.

David Mason said...

Thanks better looking, happier person who "writes good english" !