Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Creature that is MORE FIERCE then you of the day: Fucking fierce well mannered kid kicks grub bully ass.

Its fucking gross that his turd body friends dont help out but... FUCKING FIERCE that the asshole got what was coming to him, especially being that the other kid didnt wanna fight in the first place. This was a link given to me from Justin of Justinspace.


Anonymous said...

loves it

Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

Waaay too much exposition. Far too little fight. And what's with the shaky camera work.

Here at MSLO, whenever we we stage human cockfights with the interns and the art directors from the Weddings department (those bitches are vicious) we always use a steadicam.

Martha Stewart

CJ said...

Hat tip to Roids and Rants. You should definitely post this under the slightly unfierce category.

closer inspection of the "gun" reveals a single shot pellet gun.