Thursday, September 3, 2009

DARKROOM, the upcoming film by Mustang studios is a Slick It Up gear fest!

Click HERE to go to Slick It Up and click HERE to go to Mustang Studios


Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

I was curious if the "Shredder Suit" that I am modeling in my picture would be making an appearance in the movie?

Or is it a little too costumee for gay porn?

All I know is whenever I wear it, people mistake me for Cher.

Martha Stewart

Dan said...

That looks outstanding! I can't wait to see it - finally some hot gear in a porn!!

Sue said...

Hmm. Maybe some deal could be struck with a porn company as far as costuming and themes. Just thinking out loud here. It could be very creative like one of your already existing joint ventures such as your comic book or multinauts ventures. Food for thought.