Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kinda well done.

I like the styling, iffy on the entire concept but I like that it exists. Im just sorta weird about why the gay hero cant just be like any other hero and has to have a flamingo across his chest and look like some old school castro queen instead of a hunk but then again Im appreciative of the creative usage of holster as flamingo head so I give it an A- because its well styled and drawn and I know my issue with it is just personal and has very little to do with the actually piece so it probably deserves an A actually. Anyways... Just thought it was well done. I like the idea of gay super hero versus the (gay) Nazis.
Did you know the original Chief of Staff of the S.A, the super nasty stormtroopers, was an known MO and Hitler was fine with it until the dudes bf got mad at hitler and lit the Reichstag on fire amongst other drama.


youreviltwin said...

there's a bunch of gay superheroes, a couple of whom have ongoing plots in major titles. i don't think that any of them have their own title, though- at least not in any mainstream comics that i know of.

what's the name of the gay S.A. guy?

Anonymous said...

OK this is getting weird that you pointed out another fact I knew about that is rarely discussed. I had been reading up on the history of the Nazi party and the fact there was a high-ranking gay man working for Hitler. The torture that gay men went through in the camps was horrible, not unlike what gay men are going through in Iraq now that the media refuses to cover or discuss.


Sean said...

gay superheroes haven't had the best run of luck. some of these are just lip-twistingly bizarre, most are pretty expected:

that having been disclosed, x-men have re-done one of their old stand-bys (colossus) as an openly gay character, and he's definitely more your type: russian ex-sleaze beefcake, made of _actual steel_, heavy into mutant roids.

Joel said...

Ernst Rohm, big mo. Hitler had him killed, along of lots of his pals, on the "Night of the Long Knives."

David Mason said...

Yeah, I was always into Collossus so its rad they made him gay cause he was the hottest one. There is a new "super hero" coming out thats gay and very very sexy, just wait.