Friday, September 11, 2009

LOOK...Even MORE new halloweeny decorations at my gym!?

Ok I dunno why but the locker section I choose has become a FLOPHOUSE!?! A SEMI HOMELESS man sleeps on the bench a lot of the mornings Im there rendering that section USELESS and thats the section with the MIRROR!?! Hes like this early 50s african american man who sleeps on the bench in his shorts and t shirt but they get all wrinkled up and pulled down and he looks like a HOMELESS PERSON... Im putting out some FLOWER POTS to try and turn this NEIGHBORHOOD AROUND?! Now I know you think Im being harsh but LOOK WHAT I FOUND THIS MORNING?!?!!!... DRUG PARAPHERNALIA?!!... The semihomeless man ( and I mean if he can afford david barton hes not homeless but there must be a reason why he cant sleep at home so hes SEMI HOMELESS) wasnt there today but in his place were all these old used tissues and towels and a POT PIPE with a SKULL wearing a HAT on it?!?! I called the cleaning crew over immediately because I didnt want someone coming in there think it was my mess but you see... this is what happens, fiirst your tolerant to the squatters, then they bring the drugs, then then then... If Im lucky some HOT ROUGH TRADE will be working my locker section shortly!...

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