Thursday, September 24, 2009

Product review: "fat burner du jour" -Heat Hardcore..... Eh.

I think Methydrene is waaaay better. The guy in the store recommend this and I honestly dont feel anything from it. Methyldrene gave you a nice pick me up without a tweaky edge, it just made you feel "up and ready" and you only took one all day. This heat hardcore is sorta lame, it also requires you take 4 a day, dont buy it.


Anonymous said...

I wish something like a fatburner
really did work. You see those ads
for green tea etc but Im inclined
not to believe it.

I need weight off one place my gut
but cant seem to do it because
messed up shoulders have made pushups
or situps next to impossible.

So I guess I just will stay clear of
fatty and crap foods and hope. hehe
Sad 32 waist but the stomach
aint no 32 and I dont even drink beer.

DacMorris said...

David: does Methedrene work as an effective fat burner?

Sue said...

I love the way you look upset in the photo, as if the product ripped you off and you take it personally!

gavin said...

I have never believed in any fat-burning drugs.

I'm going to do a leaning cycle after my next weight gain routine when I'll be getting new pics of myself.

Maybe I will try Methydrene ...

FLS said...

Yes, but how long straight can you take Methyldrene? Maybe I should try it although I already sweat lots at the gym but an extra kick is always appreciated.

I like your comments on fitness products. It is not common to find an honest real experience and there is just too much crap in the market. Keep posting them.