Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Creature that is MORE FIERCE than YOU of the day : Auntie Entity versus creepy MC versus Master blaster... Hard to decide.

I dunno how many of you know this movie well but it was on HBO as a kid ALL THE TIME, and though its only HALF GOOD, because there were two directors on it which is why its two totally different movies rolled into one- the second part TOTALLY SUCKING OUT, but anyways I specifically remember watching it in fifth grade at a sleep over at my friends house and just laying there in front of the tv STARING AT MY FRIENDS INSANELY ROTUND BUBBLE BUTT as I watched this movie.. The dudes ass was INSANE. I tried to add him as a friend on facebook to see if it was still there and got DECLINED!!! I think word got out that I said he had a great ass, maybe it was because I told his/our friends "I want to eat out Matts butthole like a JELLY DOUGHNUT." That COULD have been it.
ps Why doesnt anyone do Master Blaster for Halloween? All you need is a tiny friend.


Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

You're made mention of this several times and I'm a little curious just what you mean. When I eat a jelly doughnut, I just bite into it like I would any other doughnut.

I can't imagine that would be pleasurable to the receiver of such technique, so perhaps you can clarify exactly how you eat a jelly doughnut.

Martha Stewart

brando said...

i saw someone dressed as Master Blaster one year with a baby doll on their back. It was pretty awesome!