Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Falcons Fall by Herodotus 16-20 in a series of 20... A Slick It Up clad adventure.


Anonymous said...

I noticed in one of the Falcon's Fall cells that the Dark Lord was wearing the claw armor like the ones you bought for yourself. When I posted it, I wanted to add the photo of you modeling them, but I couldn't find it. But isn't Herodotus clever to include such details in his comic? Oh well, another missed blogging opportunity!

LUCIEN said...

FALCON isn't done
"In my end is my beginning"

David Mason said...

I KNOW?! I was shocked to see them on there is was bizarre!

Herodotus said...

Sue&Dave, you should know that I'm a total net pix sponge! Anything cool gets filed in the archive likettysplit! I saw Dave's wicked Japanese claw hands and instantly knew that they would be used! Dave your eye for fetish is flawless!!!

FLS said...

Oh no! Poor Falcon! Who's going to rescue me now from the evil-nasty-hot-and-horny pigs who surround me when I am wearing SIU stuff?!? Oh no! I feel so fragile and defenseless!!!

David, would you come to my rescue?!?


Falcon's BF.