Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fetish Kookery of the day: Femskin


brando said...

It's 8am and I watched that entire thing. I don't know how I should feel now.

David Mason said...

I watched it at 430 am ?!?! How am I supposed to feel, I still dont know.

rashasha said...

"Even if it becomes flaccid," "a full and steady flow," it is amazing how this fellow has entwined water sports and fem skin into one crazy Waldorf salad of fetish kookery.

...and THEN I got to the "insertable rectum" part. (Good name for a band, by the way) and my morning was MADE.

I was disappointed he did not portray how to remove the insertable rectum, but was excited when the title "to remove any remanence (sic) of FemMix from the Silicone Implant."

These fetishes can really take up a lot of somebody's time, huh?

gavin said...

"Now you know everything you need to know about the FemSkin."


1) Which kidnapped senator's daughter's flesh was used to make this?

2) If I don't put the lotion on my skin, will I get the hose again?

3) Since when do "real women" pee through their vaginas, or through a tube, no less?

4) Where did the vibrator go after penetrating the vagina level? Did it travel all the way up the model's asshole, or was it just mashing down his cock and balls?

5) RE: "Lacquer down the tacky side of the FemPads."

Which side of this suit ISN'T tacky?

6) RE: "remanence"

You mean remnants?

7) Has anyone actually agreed to fuck you in this bullshit? Was he hot?

atthehouseofvader said...

Also recently in men-as-women...start the video at 1:00, and play from there:

Anonymous said...

Hmm. It is almost this much trouble to BE a fucking woman!!! Feel lucky you are men! LOL!

Black Nyx said...

The weird part to me is that he used a song by Ulrich Schnauss... but I admit I would totally watch a video of him/her getting fucked in that suit...:)