Friday, October 9, 2009

The French Rugby team has large balls!

I think its RAD that theyre color is PINK. Its like the roughest sport around and they picked the TOUGHEST color. Youd have to have BALLS to wear a pink outfit and these dudes have it. When I was in Paris last week I saw the jerzees for sale in the Adidas shop and was like " Who in the hell would wear a jerzee with pink FLOWERS on it?", yes they even had flowers on them and low and behold it was the jerzees for the toughest dudes in sporting, so I think thats pretty awesome, almost super villain of them. Like theyre so bad they can do whatever they want... which includes wearing pink spandex much to the western worlds dismay.


Anonymous said...

the soccer team of palermo, sicily is also all about pink. not as rough as rugby but that's gay paree vs edgy urban sicilia. love yer blog. a presto il mio amico! xx

Anonymous said...

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