Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween is here, time for holiday themed youtube clips! YAY!

I wanna go to a costume party where Amanda Lear gets dragged out in chains SO BAD!!! I also wanna wear the CROCODILE HAT WICKED BAD!!! I mean this is a FREAKY party, Incense burning, kittens and high heeled ladies made to crawl around on clear plastic beds?! Its TRES FETISCHE. Its very HIGH LEVEL FETISH going on here. Like if she moves to quick the kittens could release their claws and pop the bed, or her heels could do it too, I like to imagine if the bed pops the party guests get to EAT her...


Anonymous said...

I was worried they'd squish a kitten!

Amazing in that outfit she had no wardrobe malfunctions!

She was VERY careful with her heels!

Jota Scheisseboy said...

Just what exactly are you envisioning when you say "eat?" Cannibalism or cunnilingus? Either would work, but for different genres.