Thursday, October 22, 2009

I actually wanna go see this.


youreviltwin said...

i think she talks about getting (and LOVING) Electro-Convulsive Therapy in it. She's awesome.

Dan said...

My boyfriend works in the box office and said she's amazing. I'm seeing it next month - can't wait!!

Whitney Ray said...

actually? I TOTALLY wanna see this. bipolar alcoholics always have a place in my heart.

M said...

I read the book (in one sitting) on a plane, and I kept LAUGHING OUT LOUD and everyone around me was looking at me VERY weird! I had tears in my eyes I was laughing so much!

Ben said...

I saw it Friday night. Not as funny as the book (which is a hilarious must read) for some reason, but definitely entertaining. She does a lot of audience participation, which was unexpected & fun. I thought it strayed into kvetchiness just a wee bit too much, but overall, a good time.

gavin said...

The book is AWESOME!

She is a non-stop comedian; I had no idea she could sustain jokes like she does in the book.

It's also VERY JUICY, spilling all this celebrity dirt on her father Eddie Fisher and his Asian girlfriend addiction plus famous guys she has fucked like Paul Simon and SENATOR CHRIS DODD! (Who knew?)

She goes through the addictions, the weird shock therapy she STILL DOES and gives her take on the gay, male, Republican lobbyist who overdosed in bed with her.

Well worth the price:

And here is Carrie Fisher reading George Lucas at an A.F.I. tribute, just for old times' sake: