Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More latent homosexuals pretending theyre not gay by acting REALLY GAY...

I think I may have tried that same philosophy/stunt when I was like 16??? My angle on it was hoping that people thought I wasnt GAY just a SNOB.... Im so gross for that.
I must thank "At the house of Vader" for posting this link in a comment.


androide said...

at the end , they're GAY

witomski said...'re certainly not too....Joe

atthehouseofvader said...

Dave, you're breaking my heart.

Just because someone acts "gay" doesn't mean they're gay. And just because someone acts "straight" doesn't mean they're straight.

I was at a bar the other other night with my friend (we'll call him...) Max. Max is a very successful artist. And a serious pussy hound. He eats pussy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He cannot get enough.

But he also acts a little fay. And some of his gestures and expressions are very fay.

So anyhow, I'm at a bar with Max the other night, talking about his new chick, and by chance, another buddy of mine (gay, and we'll call him...) Rob, walks in. Rob begins to loudly and rudely insist that Max is gay because, well, he's acting like a gay guy.

Rob had never met Max before. I've known Max for years. Trust me, if Max wanted to play the flesh flute, he would have a long, long time ago. He grew up in an exceedingly liberal and open-minded reformed hippie family.

Rob's outburst was really about Rob. For whatever reason, Rob was not comfortable with a straight guy who acts gay, and for some reason, he had to set himself up as the sexuality police.

I don't get it.

I mean, are you also saying that Sean Avery is gay, too?

David Mason said...

Max is probably gay and rfuses to act on it, or does secretly, Unless hes from California or Europe. then its a different story- Ive met plenty of gay acting straight guys from both of those places but anywhere else its a red flag. "over compensating" is a very real "philosophy" that people practice. If hes such a pussy hound and very gay acting I ask why does he let you know what a HUGE pussy hound he is?

znplfreak said...

I bet the video guy is wearing a Slick-it-up thongg underneath his jeans. :-)

Anonymous said...

This is an example of a guy who I TOTALLY am digging his body but would want to gag him from speaking cuz you know he has got to sound dumb as fuck.


Anonymous said...

This guy didn't say he isn't gay

Anonymous said...

A Looser gay or straight, who cares..

Anonymous said...

i have a hard enough time comvincing people i am gay. lol