Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Category: Foundation Fierceness ... The formative things in my life that defined "Fierce"

Did I tell you my story about this song??? Well If I have stop reading, if i havent one time at CalArts my asian friend BECKY and I were listening to this album for the first time in a decade and thought of how great it was and how we MUST bleach her hair to be like the asian gurl in the video... NOW. So we immediately went out and bought some HARD CORE bleach and just put it on her head well it made her hair TANGERINE and GIANT BLISTERS formed on her scalp in between her screams of "MY HEAD IS ON FIRE?!?". She had to dye her hair back to black and I later found out from a friend who used to be roommates with the actual asian model from the video that it was a WIG?!?!


Anonymous said...

So was it hair bleach or clorox bleach???

BTW - I love these little stories of creative people's formative experiences. :)

atthehouseofvader said...

I suppose you think this one's a closet case, too?

(And to anyone out there who's into hunky body builders dancing around in their underwear in the bedroom, these are his better videos:

David Mason said...

oh no?!?! his DADs recliner... eeeek.

Anonymous said...

The third one was LOL funny!