Monday, October 5, 2009


Im not sure if you guys know about the film Precious yet but Im assuming you do because its getting a lot of press and all the gays are dying to see Mariah out of drag in it. Well its pretty great, as great as a horrible story about incest, hairy pigs feat, and retarded children can be. I'd go see it if I were you. I feel like it will be a cultural reference for the future so you'll be missing out if you dont go.
I went to the premiere on Saturday and it was a lot of fun. I was given really good seat placement and I got to sit three seats away from Robert Deniro, so I felt important. I know thats GROSS but it was a nice surprise and kinda fun. Mariah, Jane Fonda, Mary J Blige, Harvey Keitel, and Oprahs Gayle were there, there were some other stars but I dont really care about MALCOLM JAMAL WARNER...sorry:(..
Anyone who had heard about the movie told me "Get ready to cry", but I have to say I didnt. Nobody around me did either. I actually dont think its much of a tear jerker, its not maudlin and doesnt really play on your heart strings which is a GOOD THING and gives the film its legitimacy aka REALNESS. Yes Precious' story is AWFUL and yes youre sitting there cringing through half the movie because it so awful to imagine going through any of the stuff she does in the film but there are also a couple of funny moments that really make the film, I thought at least. There are only couple of laughs but by having them in there suddenly Precious seems more real and youre able to relate to her more because shes not just some sorry sap whos life sucks but a really person who wants to have joy in her life. Everyones acting is actually really good too, Mo'nique is a fucking monster and Mariahs part is TINY but good just because you get to sit there and imagine that this is what Mariah would be if she never became famous. One of the funny moments of the film actually is about Mariah herself and I thought it was pretty genius to put it in there. I wont say what it is but Precious asks her a question that everyone SECRETLY asks about her and the entire audience cracked up. Lenny Kravitz does a good job playing a male nurse as well, its a small part but again very real and sweet and he provides the source for the biggest laugh in the film which is a VERY cute moment that does a great job of showing how Precious is capable of being a very sweet person in the face of very miserable circumstances which I THINK is sort of the moral to the story. One of Precious' classmates steals the show. Its the "pretty girl" and she has the role DOWN. Her styling is pretty great and I know shes gonna be the gays favorite. She actually came up to Jersey and I at the after party and I was surprised that she really was TALL and PRETTY but I still had to tell her she was FIERCE if only to let the GAY CAT out of the bag and let her know that my Puerto Rican fb AINT OPEN FOR BUSINESS... so BACK OFF.?!.. She was rad though and totally sweet even though she literally had to cover a FROWN we she found out we were gay, she even said "Heres to fierce" whilst semi ROLLING HER EYES, I guess shes having a hard time with the fact that every dude who smiles at her is a MO she did a fine job though and was sweet even in the face of "defeat". She better get used to it though because I can see the gays doing her for Halloween, actually I can see the gays doing Precious and all her classmates for halloween, but everyone is gonna fight over being the tall pretty one.


Maddy McMan said...

I am so dying to see it. Please give us a post about "where the wild thing are."

youreviltwin said...

i LOVE monique, and i'm kind of excited to see her in a hard core dramatic part.

youreviltwin said...

when are you going to show us the hat that you made for her?

rashasha said...

Are we sure that Ms. Sidibe isn't Ms. Perry with a few extra pounds on her?

I am so conflicted about this movie - I looooove Mo'Nique & the story seems compelling, but I am not a super fan of the Oprah, and I am very discomforted by Tyler Perry's oeuvre of the closet and pandering to the extremely homophobic black church lady demographic.

Though, since one of your hats are in the movie, I will have to see it!

David Mason said...

Oh no no no , One of my hats are NOT in the movie. thats was something different for her but I'll talk more about it later. the movie doesnt have any Oprah or tyler Perry heavy handedness to it.