Thursday, October 15, 2009

So Amber Rose - the love Child of Brigitte and Grace... Got a gig.

She doesnt kill me when shes smiling though, its not how I want to see her. I like her in something sensible like a THONG BACK BODYSUIT with SHIELD SUNGLESSES and HIGH HEELS....The simple kind of things you wear grocery shopping.


youreviltwin said...

that's sort of the post-post-post-post modern version of the high-heels and pearls while making breakfast donna reed ideal, yeah?

David Mason said...

Yes, a classic.

LUCIEN said...

Donna Reed now thats a name and TV show I haven't heard about in ages.

Sorry guys but I am not sure I care for Amber Rose -she seems a card board knock off with just not original enough diva " pieces parts ".