Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some serious italo disco shit...heavy on the shit.. but still awesome they made it. Very Sondra Prill vs. Sheila E.

Those graphics of the people walking around are so TOMORROW. WATCH, theyll be used in a Lady Gaga video in 15 minutes Im SURE OF IT.
If you dont know who Sondra Prill is, search SONDRA on here and watch her videos, she rulz, and if you dont know who Sheila E. is you should just lay down and die, because her ASYMMETRICAL PANTS are EVERYTHING.


witomski said...

Dave....I can't stand it anymore! Where do you find this shit.....I just love you & your Blog....You make me crazier than I am already.....Joe

JiffyJim said...

OMG she/this is terrible :( (make it stop, make it stop! LOL)HOWEVER, Sheila E. is the BEST! :)

Leatherpigboy said...

OMG im rolling esp when that guy started to play the flute! Shit Dave is your real job approving videos for YouTube and thats how you see this crazy shit?