Friday, November 13, 2009

The Decapatator strikes NYC

So I guess some mystery dude who they havent caught yet used to go around London photographing ads, then reprinting an image from that ad with the persons head cut off and then going back to the original ad on the street and pasting the decapitated image up over the original. Its pretty fierce and now hes in NYC and Im all for it.


Joel said...

Wonderful! Kinda Banksy, but more ephemeral.

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is unrelated but did u hear about THIS CRAZY STORY about the roidtard who beat up a pool little Greek priest because he 'mistook him for a terrorist':

More juice, as the guy turns out to make some gay money out of his roitardedness:

ZACHARY said...

i was Decapatator'ed in London when i was in these ads for Uniqlo!