Monday, November 23, 2009

FAME! an anti steroid campaign....

Apparently LA is running these anti steroid ads all over town that just seem to totally not get the reasons why people do them in the first place. My friend Justin of JUSTINSPACE wrote some funny things about it, to read more click on the link here or on the sidebar. Heres just a brief summary:
- my first read was “FAME,” not “FAKE.”

- the first statement is a request to “Take steroids.”

- but apparently you aren’t a “fake” until after you’re caught - hungh? what?- the whole point of using steroids is to make obvious gains in speed, size, and strength- outside of competitive sports (the ad is co-sponsored by the US Olympics committee) and Hollywood movie stars, no one really hides the fact they’re using them - they want the results to be seen.(And are there really that many Olympic athletes shopping at the Americana in Glendale where I saw this ad? No.)

- Did the creative team really think getting labeled a “fake” is the biggest deterrent to using steroids? Hello. Have you seen that copper-orange goo bodybuilders openly slather themselves with before a competition? They aren’t hiding that they didn’t get that hue by putting in hours in the sun, nor do they care that you know they used steroids.


Jason in CT said...

This is so weird that you posted this. I JUST saw one in Providence, RI yesterday morning. And I couldn't figure out what FA*E was supposed to be spelling. lol

Anonymous said...

As you know, David, the faux warning, "Fake" would be more of an enticement than a deterrent.

But my question is, WHAT THE HELL WERE DOING AT AMERICANA? Isn't that the Valley version of the Grove. I forget, you're a pragmatic pluralist.

The slick it up stuff is hot ... esp. the models.

Your outing of the fraudster using your DeloRean pix (or, Ferrari? I know you describe them as self-portraits so do you have a sports car in your living room or ... ? )