Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I just saw Princess Leia TRIPPED BY A GNOME!!?!?!!!

I went and saw Carrie Fishers show "Wishful Drinking" which was fun and if youre in the city and like her go see it, its a nice night out BUT... If you look closely to the right of the stage there is this large GNOME STATUE... well as she backed up and waved goodbye towards the end she nearly IMPALED HERSELF as she went ASS OVER TEA KETTLE accidentally falling backwards over it!!! It was a GREAT ENDING to a GREAT SHOW. I am sooooo happy for the rest of my life I can say I saw Princess Leia TRIPPED BY A GNOME only 20 feet from my FACE!!! Thanks to awesome seats that one of kind readers of H.O.V got for us!!!


youreviltwin said...

not JUST a gnome, but an INANIMATE gnome.

David Mason said...

Yes but think about it, nothing is more unexpected and stealthy then being inanimate! That Gnome has been sitting there silently waiting..plotting...and sharpening his hat!!

youreviltwin said...

you just made all inanimate objects sinister and creepy. THANKS, DAVE MASON!

Dan said...

haha...we almost died when she fell over. because of course she got back up and ran down to the audience to talk about it instead of just leaving the stage. brilliant, Carrie. Glad you liked the seats - gotta do what we can for our favorite designer! ;-)

gavin said...


You would think Carrie Fisher would have this instead:;product_sku=SWLFLGGJW1

Honolulujoeboy11161 said...

If you ever get a chance to see "Wishful Drinking", go and see it. Carrie Fisher is wonderfully demented and hilarious.
A child of what she referred to as "Hollywood Imbreeding", Carrie Fisher takes you on this incredible journey that will have you laughing even after you leave the former Studio 54 nightclub which is now a beautiful theatre where one might hear old dragqueens and drug addicts of the past roaming this awesome old building.
Carrie Fisher is at her top with this one woman show.
Mahalo Carrie