Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Exterface shoot part Deux

To see more of the pics click here.


gavin said...

OMG I LOVE the Exterface photos; dazzling. I am just drinking their stuff up.

You look so magical! LOVE the new banner pic. I know it's digitally manipulated, but Exterface photos are definitely a cut above your average art fag camp.

Being a fan of Pierre et Gilles, I'd naturally be into them since they build something original into a similar style.

Thanks for turning me on to them!

gavin said...

Dave, tell us how your purple slick wear was achieved.

You said it was your own design, just a different color.

Did Exterface change the color digitally, or did you actually make the suit from differently colored/cast material?

Vinyl, I'm assuming.

faginlove said...

Wow! best pics of u evah!

David Mason said...

Thanks guys!!!:)

Race said...

I am so into superheros that you guys make it gel. It's so hot, but what can I say that others haven't. I just want to pull on some spandex and roll around with you! Yowza!

Anonymous said...

love your hairy chest

fang said...

SO damned proud that my friend has turned out these fierce-as-fuck photos with Exterface of all people!

been into their stuff ever since they released their awesome 'Robin' shoot a year or two back.

sexiness meets genius.

what a mix!

((wags tail))

Anonymous said...

I love his hair!!! The way it's parted and the shape of his hairline is so sexy!