Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Get your quarters out folks!

As I type this the theatre queen that lives downstairs and across the hall is playing his piano so now my apartment sounds like what I would deem a "ROOT BEER SALOON" and I totally love it! I dunno why but it fits and cracks me up. I feel like I live in one of those automoton "rifle ranges" they have at some theme parks where you shoot the bird on the water pump and it goes up and down and CAWS or you shoot the MANNEQUIN in the striped vest and visor and it plays "The Entertainer" on the piano. If I were rich Id TOTALLY build one of those in my house but have it all MY STYLE like in my version when you shoot the mannequin that plays the piano it would play the theme song FROM MANNEQUIN and from behind the swinging shutter door of the saloon out would come mannequins done up like Mesach Taylor as Hollywood holding a BAGS OF GOLD, followed by an angry GRACE SLICK weilding a FRYING PAN on a rotating platform but you wouldnt really be SURE it was either of them because theyed be store bought mannequins and extra shitty so you would have to ask your friend.. "Did I just see Grace Slick with a frying pan chase a Mesach Taylor mannequin out of the Saloon and into the OUTHOUSE?!?!?!" So youd put another quarter in just to be sure what you just saw was REAL and I just made ANOTHER quarter and you just saw one of the most awesome things in your LIFE!

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gavin said...

Wonderful, you should do it.

I loved the Old Timey Carnival Rifle Range.

A modern-art version would be a great hit at museums or parties.