Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Hey you, say you... Im SEXY LADY"

Nothing says " Im here to make David Mason happy" like SHOULDER PADS and a MINI SKIRT on a BLONDE ITALIAN LADY.


Cristián said...

It must be noticed this show's opening-credit song was written and produced for Raffaella by Giorgio Spagna, husband of and same brain behind 80's italo chanteuse Ivana Spagna. So if you're into blonde Italian ladies wearing massive shoulder pads with fierce 80's visuals, then you'll definitely will LOVES this oldie for your entertainment:

JiffyJim said...

I was mesmerized by's priceless (in a good, over-the-top kinda way)!

David Mason said...

i know, how did i sit through the whole thing ? but i did, i watched it perfectly content.