Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hookers never deliver...

Im making my conclusion based on THOSE mirrors, THAT chair and that DOILY!?! that this dude is a hooker being paid to crush an apple with his bicep and like every time Ive paid an escort, which is three times, they SUCK. I think it might be not so much their fault though. If im in the place where I'm willing to call on fetish escort services maybe by fetish levels are boiling over and there is no way they could possibly deliver to my OTT fetish needs at the time. To me it always just seems like a rip off and LOUSY service, I dont recommend doing it. The first time I did it was in a NEON HOT TUB and that was sorta a MUST considering the surroundings, but I think I just need to be my own hooker and make myself happy.


Anonymous said...

First of all, you and I both know that as soon as one SWEARS OFF any OTT fetish behavior, you're only a strangled breath away from FULLY re-engaging in it. So, on that note, enjoy your next hooker.
Second, it's not just your incredibly insatiable and overwhelming fetish needs to be treated like the total bottom whore that you really are that is the problem here, there's also an issue of lack of proper education. NOT your education, of course, but that of these "professionals" who really don't understand the nuances of fetish. Perhaps it's a lack of curiosity or maybe laziness, but what is truly needed is a Training Institute for Hookers, in which the finer points of fetish fulfillment could be taught and mastered. In the meantime, I guess it will be MY selfless service to the community to teach each of them what I know about the matter, ONE hooker at a time!!

David Mason said...

Youre a giving a kind person!

gavin said...

Just find better escorts, Dave.

Nowadays, there are plenty of escort review sites and you can see how well they perform in porn first.


Watch Boundgods porn or Tom Ropes McGurk and find out which models escort.

I have my eye on that fuckin' hottie Spencer Reed, who is on Rentboy in the D.C. area for now. He does adequate BDSM on Boundgods:


gavin said...

"NOT your education, of course, but that of these "professionals" who really don't understand the nuances of fetish."

True that, Anonymous @ 12:28 PM.

You need to be very careful to find escorts who actually excel in EXACTLY the fetish you're looking for. They have to have experience and genuinely WANT to fulfill the role you need. All escorts will be willing to try stuff, but few specialize.

So search for specialists in whatever you want.

Go by porn work, good recommendations, a verifiable history, etc. Xtube is where a lot of them post their home videos; but the highest quality are already in high-quality porn.

It's still trial and error, but the hope is to find a really good one that's right for you.