Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I love to do str8 voice with my straight friends they GIGGLE FOREVER

the trick to doing it is remove ALL JOY or EXCITEMENT and speak with a monotone steady pattern, gays voices go up and down, straight guys have had all the joy sucked out of their life from the female that they are forced to mate with because they like boobs. Imagine feeling trapped and miserable and not being allowed to just be around other guys all day like you want to and THATS IT?!


Dan said...

HAHAH! That kid is amazing. Deep Straight Voice is the best - my voice is high like his, so when I drop it down for people the first time, it's always the best reaction. I like to do it mid-sentence to really freak em out. :-)

gavin said...

I love his voice characters -- I wonder if they're BOTH exaggerated performances and his real voice is something in between?

But I think his "straight routine" relies too heavily on the word "fuckin." It's not the only thing straight guys say. They also say "dude," "carburetor," "15-yard penalty," "wingman" and "Jeff Gordon."

Don't ask me why!

gavin said...

Okay Dave, it's Christmas time.

So it's time to pull out the lights, the tree, the stockings and the surreal cameo by Grace Jones on PEE WEE'S PLAYHOUSE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL singing "The Little Drummer Boy!"


nsfw said...

and that Tshirt can also go both ways.

Anonymous said...

After 27 months with the same Tattoo Parlour/artist.the receptionist asked me if I have a girlfriend!When I tole the the nearly shit.When one o the lads asked me if I was@the man or woman,'I said with you,the man.I now realise I bin doin a st8 voice.Not cos i'm shady,cos the Xannax an Vodka I do to kill the pain an shit thrash metal.Lovin the House btw, an you a really fine piece.I'd be right up ya.
(syon 13.gaydar.)