Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I was gonna wait till tomorrow to post but I just cant hold this from you.. its tips YOU ALL NEED!!?!

the fake interest in sports idea KILLS ME, I HATE girls who pretend like they like SPORTS just to trap a man. Whenever I see some girl pull this stunt I just wanna treat her like shit and tell her "Stop TRYIN IT you conniving tramp and go make us some dinner, then we MIGHT like you, but still probably not. Ps Your hair is skank and youre awful I think I hate almost as much as your boyfriend."


Gerry said...

Thank you for this - now I won't be lonely at Christmas. Time to spill some drinks!

witomski said...

Dave...after your hilarious description, there is just no way I could watch. You are too funk'n funny!.....Joe

witomski said...

Dave...I finally viewed the I just want to fuck'n puke all over this skanky bitch!....Joe

gavin said...


This the kind of "How To" video you only send your enemies!

Spill drinks on the object of your affection?

Pretend you're interested in something you're not?

Whisper instead of talk?

Take the idea of a newspaper with only "good news" seriously?


Race said...

If I'm one of the 80% of men that was shy at one point in my life, I must remember to right that one time down for easy reference....

But you gotta admit, there is room for women who are this desperate! One tried to pick me up last night while she had a disagreement with her boyfriend-- standing right next to her. Horny cow.

Sanch said...

She got the "spill the drink on him" trick ALL wrong.

You don't give him your number so you can pay the dry cleaning. You spill on him and first you freak out and scream "Oh, I'm so clumsy, let me wipe that off," then paw at his package with a napkin for a few minutes. Then you command he take his pants off so you can "wash them."

But I do like the idea of some lady doing it as presented in the video, going all over town, spilling drinks on every man she sees.

Also: if some lady next to me reading the paper disgusted groaned, "Is there any GOOD news in here?", I'd think "what a creep!"

Mathieu said...

Shoulder pads!

One of my favourite skit television gags is when the edit between two scenes is done abruptly so as to cut off the first. (@ 1:44)

Anonymous said...

"I suggest that you let a man know, that it really turns you on when he talks about his feelings."

My god. You don't have a conversation about the fact that you talk about your feelings. It's like saying "I'm really sensitive." Yeah, women love whiny little crybaby wusses. Actually, no one does.

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?