Monday, December 7, 2009

Incase you missed it, Tron is a RIP OFF... but still rad but the proper credit is due.

With the new movie coming out and people loving the design ( if you dont want a light cycle your lame) I just think people should know that some British person had the idea first and turned out a fierce tune with it two years before the original Tron came out.


fang said...

as a kid, this video used to scare the living shit out of me, yet i was strangely drawn towards the TV every time it came on - just like Bowie's 'Ashes To Ashes'.

still, least i had good taste even before i'd hit double figures i guess.

gavin said...

I DO need to get around to watching BREAKING GLASS.

It's one of those visionary cult films that I've just never made time for.

Like VIDEODROME, THE HUNGER, QUADROPHENIA, DARK CITY ... I better put this stuff in my Netflix queue!