Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Neck Tube?!...Seriously ?!

I know H&M is Scandinavian and that Scandinavia is a lot more open and progressive then we are but even I am a little shocked by "NECK TUBE". Its basically a YARN SKIRT you wear around your FACE. I think that the Swedes are CRACKING UP over this if even ONE sells. It HAS to be a remnant of an over produced sweater from somewhere in the world because how many "neck tubes" do they plan on selling in the midwest?, do they even have H&M in the midwest though? I dunno. The only person that should wear a "neck tube" is GRACE JONES or ME and the only occasion for me to PULL SUCH A STUNT is at Susanne Bartches Halloween party ( I had on TWO championship belts btw as shoulder pads but you cant see them, it was a fierce look very Klaus Nomi versus matador vs Snake eyes vs Grace) I saw this ad in the subway station Im assuming their target customer is the gay guy who wore that middle eastern scarf thing last spring.


mavitch said...

I bought that H&M neck tube here in belgium !!!
you should definitely give it a try !!!!

gavin said...

Should I wear THIS to Susanne Bartsch's Halloween Party?


Anonymous said...

It's funny you say that. I'm living in Sweden right now. I've been to 3 H&M's here and none of them were selling these.

Johan from Stockholm said...

I worked on that campaign! :)