Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Not into smooth or blonde but I love his "shirt"

Wearing a shirt like that is SUCH a good idea when youre on the mones. I speak from experience. Before you even click play notice the TOTAL SUBURBAN GAY in the mirror filming this getting his rocks off by pretending he has an interest in the "the sport" of bodybuilding and isnt just gonna go home and jerk off to this with the scrunch socks that he stole from the juice head soaked in poppers and stuffed in his mouth.
Here is a list of things that are REALLY GREAT ideas to you when youre on the steroids:
1. Fighting groups of men.
2. Fucking groups of men.
3. Jerking off to the idea of being beaten with a stick.
4. any clothing in RASPBERRY
5. This one is so gross but true: Eating and taking a dump at the same time?!?! Its ZEN LIKE!
6. Lifting weights in spandex pants
7. tattoos, body piercing, or any kind of retarded/flashy but hot, I admit it, body embellishment.
8. thongs thongs thongs thongs thongs
9. Mailing yourself in a box to Persia.
10. drugs
These are all VERY LOGICAL CONCEPTS on the mones...try doing them as little as possible. I was SO feeling doing some "sauce" this month but I didnt, but the weird thing is I still got super horny and mildly kookoo which says to me that Im doing the mones not only to get big but also because its a salve on a lot of other emotional stuff that I probably dont want to feel which I think a lot of people dont realize. So if youre considering doing them at least ask yourself, along with getting big what am I trying to cover up with the mones. This way you will become more self aware at least and maybe do them less.


Stan said...

Add to your list tanktops! lots and lots of tanktops and wifebeaters! So totally fucking hot!

zachary said...

hah your list made me laugh out loud

David Mason said...

Im glad you liked it! That hot model army kid sucking the banana on your blog is insane?! And I laughed at the cat pic.

Brad said...

I'm laughing and hard at the same time.

I was just thinking about #5 yesterday. I'm not even on the mones.

Anonymous said...

mail yourself in a box to persia? youre a genius.

nsfw said...

(11) wear your Otomix booties to the grocery store to buy bananas.

** just promise you'll never ever think to sport those ultra loose pajama bottom muscle-head print pants.

Anonymous said...

Funny, that looks like my to do list for 2010!

David Mason said...

Omg I DID buy otomix booties and Im SURE i wore them whilst buying bananas!!! I also bought the otomix string tank SWEAR TO GOD , and have worn the entire look a fetish garb for a clydesdale pussy session!

JiffyJim said...

The list is funny :-) The emotional stuff you talk about may just be the holidays, too...I'm alright but some of my own "stuff" caught me by surprise this year because of the holidays.

witomski said...

Dave....I love your new "mode" banner. You certainly know how to please and tease....Joe

brando said...

#3 and #4 together... I have no words for how much I laughed at those two.

nsfw said...

Otomix booties are total hot... behind closed doors, and up in the air.

But how unfortunate if spotted wearing them at Gristedes buying bananas, or worse yet 3 dozen eggs... esp if paired with multi-dyed E.G. Smith skrunchy socks.
At that point one might as well just wear Reebok.

Race said...

You are not entirely accurate there. Done them before and still do--sorta. One of the hottest things I ever saw was a vid of Frankie's shooting up and loving it. I never thought it was erotic till I saw him do it, but then again, almost everything he does is! I think about it every time I umm....do it.

Randsome7 said...

the string tank is like dental floos of shirts .
its sexy hot and I like it when he pulls it down even more SNAP

Dave please wear one !

LUCIEN said...

Yes-Dave & Zachary - the Army dude sucking it down is so funny --- I don't think "Don't ask, don't tell" is working