Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh Thank god for the Choking QUICK TIPS reference list?!

I was anxiously standing in line at the public restroom aka STARBUCKS in between these two exotic ladies but THANK GOD I read quick tip number two because I was about to RABBIT PUNCH the one in front of me and ELBOW the other in the rib cage because they were BLUE but then I asked them if they were experiencing a LACK OF OXYGEN like it says on the list and they said "No, were just GRACE JONES and KALI and we always look this way." Thank god that quick reference guide was there to let me know that the people have to be blue SPECIFICALLY from LACK OF OXYGEN to receive assistance and not just BLUE for ANY DAMN REASON! Can you believe what an ASS i would have made of myself?! Im such a RUBE sometimes a SWEAR!


Anonymous said...

Fuck. Will someone get this guy a SHOW already?? Jesus, I know there are Hollywood Fetish Fags reading this. PUT DAVE ON THE AIR! Enough already, kweens. Goddamn.

Race said...

Ever saved someone who is choking? I have. I saved a life. And that is something you never forget.

James said...

It sucks that I have a pinched nerve in my neck, cause I just laughed really hard and now it hurts again. lol It was so worth it though.