Monday, December 14, 2009

Sometimes being a SNOWGRESS can suck

When winter rolls around as it has here in NYC I get KOOKOO for GARBAGE FOOD?! Im assuming its my NORDIC GENETICS and im in "store the fat NOW" mode. Every night ive been eating crazy amounts of sweets and carbs. I CANNOT eat enough desserts and I sorta dont even want them. Tonight I ate almost an entire half gallon of BIRTHDAY CAKE ICE CREAM then and entire bag of FROZEN PINEAPPLE and now my mouth has that thing that happens when you eat too much pineapple and it feels like you have a mouthful of NEEDLES ... Im going to bed, time to make this photo my new desktop image so I dont turn into a total blob in the next few weeks.

I saw this genius image on Still Life With Monkey and Cigarette. The link is in the side bar:)


youreviltwin said...

oh my god, that's so funny- you look like you and you have the same body image psychosis i have!

that actually makes me feel better, david, thanks :-)

youreviltwin said...

um, ok- almost instant blogger's remorse!

i'm sorry- i didn't mean to project or anything... i'd just posted something similar on my blog like, ONE minute before this post went up.

Anonymous said...

it's also a tshirt design on threadless :)
ordered it about a week ago...should be getting it soon :D
-end unrelated tangent-

Anonymous said...

Wait until you get OLDER [like inot your 50's] and it gets way more difficult to keep the fat off!!! Then your body dismorphia is really evil and hard to bear!!! And you still crave those goddamn sweets!

Mathieu said...

Well I just got to NYC and after reading this post I realised I need to hit that treadmill too as I ate a whole pack of whoppers in the movies last night and then came home and at a snickers bar as well.
Also, whenever I come to the US I always end up packing on 2 or 3 kg!

So I might come and stalk you at David Barton even though their monthly membership (minimum time) is a bit ridiculous especially since I'm only here for another 21 days and a lot of those are holidays! Or maybe there's an nice cheaper gym you know of? But then this is me who paid like 340 euros for a month in the Palais Royal Club Med Gym in Paris.

Mathieu said...

I don't have body dismorphia (as I have met people with it) except maybe for thinking I'm thin and ripped when really I have rolls of fat flopping everywhere!!

nsfw said...

one of the secrets is that when the summer ends and Fall kicks in, resist wearing warmer clothes (jackets, hoodys, sweaters, long sleeves, etc) as long as possible (till mid-Oct) and that will help kick your metabolism into gear which will last thru the winter.
people who dive directly into their fall gear after Labor Day are not challenging their metabolism and inviting the poundage to offset the cold.
if you don't wear too much stuff in winter, then your system will battle the cold and burn calories doing so.

gavin said...

Sounds like a perfect recipe for CATCHING a cold, nsfw!