Saturday, January 23, 2010

Creature that is MORE FIERCE then you of the day: Peregrine Falcon.. the worlds fastest animal

I love the German voiceover, it cracks me up. Its like a commercial for german engineering. Whats funny is watching the pigeon after seeing the falcon,the pigeon just seems so CLUNKY. Do you know they tried introducing falcons in the parks here to eat the pigeons fairly recently until they started attacking and killing peoples chihuahuas!!!....... I dont wanna see an innocent Chihuahua get it, but you know it was some horrid wanna be Olsen twins PROP so whoever got to see it happen in reality had the best day EVER! Id feel bad for the dog but the idea of god saying "You are not fit to care of yourself, let alone an innocent animal...So Im sending in my friend who is far more fierce then you standing here blocking the entire sidewalk while you make inane chatter on your cell phone -which i invented, with your ratty hair, oversized sunglasses, and ill fitting Marc Jacobs pants and shes taking him back... to me...god... have a nice day." Nature is just wonderful.


Stan said...

They sure are fierce. Their prey never knows what the fuck hit them!
I wonder what ever happened to "Pale Male" the Falcon that was nesting on the Upper East side on Fifth Avenue?

Jerek Carper said...

I think that breeding dogs such as chihuahuas is cruel. They are genetic nightmares. Perhaps we should allow the falcon to stay. It would discourage people from continuing to create a demand for the little monsters.

Herodotus said...

Dave,I detest Chihuahuas! They barely qualify as dogs! (a dog's height should at least come up to your knee).
So if falcon's are makin'a meal of these yappy critters GOOD! We have coyotes in these parts which also enjoy 4 legged Mexican food.

Anonymous said...

quote: "I love the German voiceover, it cracks me up. Its like a commercial for german engineering." hit the head of the nail exactly - the meaning is really very technical...

The commentator says: ",so dass er vom Sonnenlicht nicht so sehr geblendet wird" (this is just the second half of a sentence) - "Der Falke stösst aus der Sonne hervor und schlägt die Beute mit diesen Überraschungsangriff" - "Der auf der Sonne reitende Falke...." (the sentence is cut off)

In English it is "therefore he (the falcon) isn't blended by the light of the sun" - "The Falcon strikes down out of the sun and captures the victim with this raid" - "The Falcon, which rides on the wings of the sun..."

From Germany With Love - You are doing a fantastic job with your blog!!!